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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Boston Graduates Mrs Katies class 2010-2011

I can't believe Boston is done with preschool and moving up to Kindergarten!! He is so smart!! He can sound out words, counts to 100, writes his name, knows how to write all his letters and sounds, knows some of the sight words, knows his shapes, has the pledge, weekdays, months and seasons memorized, can write and identify numbers, knows all his colors, knows right from left, recognizes patterns, creates patterns, and so much more!!! He really is improving so much!! He still has a hard time sitting still, and he loses his train of thought fast, but he has done awesome! We are so proud of how far he has come and what he has accomplished!! He is so excited to go to "Brindley and Emilys school" Hidden Hollow Elementry! His best friends right now are
Zach, Bryson, Brindley and Emily Herd
Bryson, Drayton and Talon Vansickle
Willow and Ender
Iran and Seria Gonzalez
Maggie and Stella
Yes they all play together! It's a fun big group!!
One thing out of the many that I love about Boston is he wants to be friends with everyone!! Like Father Like Son! His dad is the same way!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Boston Graduates Preschool!! Part 1

I can't believe Boston is done with Preschool. After 3 years of being at the Pony Express preschool he is ready to moveup to Kindergarten! While his body was going threw so much when he was diagnosed with diabetes, His body was more in tune with taking care of his body then learning new things! He fell behind and so we were recommended to go to kids on the move to see if he qualified to recieve services! He did so he was able to go to the Pony Express Elementry for 3 years for free!! He had a developement delay and he also had to take speech!! They were suprised how well he has done!! His Teacher Ms Gina and teacher helpers Ms. Lisa and Ms. Angie. He also hd 2 speech teahcer Ms. Karen and Ms Jackie! He had his cute little preschool on May 26, 2011. It was so fun to watch him sing all the songs and do all the actions!! He really has gotten so smart! It was a great 3 years and he looks forward to go to (Brindley and Emilys school next year!!!His Best Friend in his class is Garrison he is in the Blue and Green strip shirt!! I guess Boston is always the topic of his and his moms conversation when he gets home from school!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Beckhams 6 month update!

14.5lbs 10%
16.9 Head circumfrence 25%
26.2 heighth 50%

Beckham is getting so big!! I love and hate it!! He is the happiest guy and never fusses! He is now teething (no signs of teeth the Dr just said he was!) Hes a little more fussy than usual but nothing to extreme! He is sitting up and has been for a few weeks! He acts like he wants to crawl, so we will see what happens there!! He loves the jumparoo!! Even when he;s not in it his legs get going! He lets anyone hold him! He smiles constantly! He can grab the bigger snacks and chew them all up!! The little ones he picks up but still has a little bit of a hard time finding his mouth! He is a stiff little guy and can stand really well while we hold onto him!! He will stand against the couch without our help!! He likes eating, Butternut squash, carrots, bananas, and sweet potatos and that's it!

I am just really lucky I have such awesome babies!! I love them all!

Monday, May 16, 2011


WOW is my oldest almost 6? I can't believe how time flies! This guy is the best, fun, and most challanging kid!! He wants everyone to be his friend. I do have to say he is probably the most popular kid in the neighborhood! Everyone in every age group loves him!! He is growing up so fast and is getting to be so smart!! He knows all his numbers and counts to 100 almost everyday! He spells and writes his name! Hes reading really good too!! He has progressed so much for all he has been through!!! graduates preschool on Friday May 27 and the starts kindergarten!! I can't believe I have a kindergartener? He is my out doors boy!! He always wants to be out doors!! He is definantly a DADDYs Boy. He never wants Marc to go to work. He will sit by his window and wait for Marc to get home almost every day! Marc takes him driving and lets him steer! He actually does a really good job!!

This little stinker is going through a BOY WHO CALLED WOLF phase!! I don't know what it is about this kid but he always says the exact opposite of what really happened or what happened! So I never know the whole story!! I guess he will do anything for any kind of attention! He never wants anyone to be left out! He comes in and gets snacks or drinks or anything for everyone!! He wants everyone to come play!! His Best Friends right now are Talon and Drayton and Zach, Bryson, Brindley and Emily!! He wants to play with them every second of everyday!! He can't stand to just sit still for 10 seconds!! He is in Tee Ball now and loves playing! He hates practice he only wants to play the game!! He hits really good!! Although I think basketball he is alot better in! Marc plays with him on a hoop that fits his size and Boston makes almost every basket! He is a Follower and just wants to be around everyone!! Somedays he is a mean little sucker and I get all the neighbor kids telling on him. Sometimes I just have to tell the kids not to play with him if he is mean to them because they tell on him for the dumbest things!!LOL you gotta love the tattling these little kids do!! He's all boy thats for sure!!

His Diabetes is a roller coaster. But we are working on making it better!! The end of this year we can get him a new pump that has a hand held device that I can carry around with me!! He can now test himself and is starting to read what his Bloog Glucose level is!! It's hard teaching him everything from school to his Diabetes but he seems to be doing really good!! He is so good about everything never complains about having diabetes!! Life for him is too much fun to worry!! We love him and are so glad he is where he is today!!


Ashton is growing up so fast! She is now 4 and has the biggest imagination there is! She my little spit ball! You never know if she is in a good mood or bad mood! LOL
Ashton loves loves loves the movie Tangled! She actually ties a Robe tie in her hair to make it look like she has Rapunzel hair! She acts out every scene from the movie word for word! She even makes me or whoever she is playing with say the lines so she can say her parts!! She memorizes movies so dang fast!! I really want to put her in acting classes! She has been taking Hip Hop and Tumbling and she loves both of them and has a blast! She is my tall skinny girl! She's about the same heighth as her brother and twin nieces who are almost a year older than her!! This little girl already has a cute little toned belly! I've actually had a few people comment about it!!
Heres a little idea of how her imagination works! She has this little Rapunzel doll that came on her birthday cake, that she has tied a ribbon to to make it have longer hair! She has done this with almost all her barbies and tinkerbell dolls! She actually tied my Robe tie to her door knob so she could hang on it like Rapunzel does when she first leaves the tower!! She just barely discovered that in the very back of my car I have a seat belt on the ceiling that you can attach a detach from the seat! well she sneaks in my car and hangs from that too!! My favorite thing she does is acts out the scene where she finally gets out of the tower but then thinks she made a mistake. Ashton does every part in order! I can't help but laugh so hard cause she is so dang cute!! The top photos my little neighbor girl Emily likes to dress her up and do her hair! Ashton seems to love it!

I don't know what it is about this girl but she could stay awake all night if we let her!! We put them to bed about 9ish and she will be playing in her room until about midnight! Shes got lots and lots of energy!! She is getting to be a smart little girl!! She knows all her sounds to the letters and counts all the time!! She writes her name pretty good but could still use some help!! She loves preschool and loves Ms Katie! She graduates her first year of preschool on Friday May 27! She started school barely talking and has ended doing so many things!! We are working with her on her reading but we aren't as strict with her like we are Boston cause she still has one more year until Kindergarten!! She is already so smart I can't wait to see what the future will bring for her!! We are so lucky to have her in our family!


Beckham is growing so fast! I can't believe what a good baby he is! He hardly ever cries and when he does you can barely hear him! He is really mellow and always smiling!! I found out a few weeks ago he had a double ear infection. I would have never known, I took him in to see why he was gagging so much when he coughed and came out with the ear infection. He is such a blessing in our life. We never thought we would have anymore kids. Having 2 close together and hitting one stage after another, we thought "We are done!" Im so glad we opt out on that. 3 is such a breeze and alot easier than 2!! Beckham has always been a stiff little guy! at 5 months he stands, with the couch support that is and he is now trying to move his legs in crawling position! He's about average in size! not super tall not short, not skinny, not chubby. Just right in the middle! He use to sleep all through the night and ever since he went through that gagging spurt he now wakes up around 4:00 am. Hopefully that will change soon! He doesn't help that he is still in our room since Bostons new room isn't done yet!

I'm so lucky to have such great neighbors that love my kids! Almost everyday the Herd kids come and take Beckham for a few hours (Until he gets fussy to eat or just tired) They can't get enough of him! Zach who is 16 came over to hold him and ended up falling asleep on my couch with him!! It was so cute!! My other neighbor and Best Friend, has a little girl, Blakli, who is 2 months older than Beck! It's funny cause we also have Ashton and Talon who are 2 weeks apart (Ashton is older) so we have 2 kids the same age! Beckham (in the picture above) is about the same size as her, so to me he is a tank! She has grown a little bit now but I am sure he will catch up in no time!!

Beckham loves everyone! He has no stranger danger! He lets anyone hold him! He is starting to give little hugs and kisses!! He will sleep anywhere! Call me crazy but when he is napping kids are running in and out and screaming and what not, I actually leave my bedroom door open, where he sleeps, and he doesn't wake up! I also vacuum while he is sleeping! I do this so he is use to noise, I've done this with all my kids! That way when we go on Vacation or just have them nap somewhere, people don't have to be quite. He is a good sleeper! He takes a morning nap aroung 9:30 until about 11:00 Then goes back down at about 1:30-4:30ish!! This little guy never took a binkie until he was about 4 1/2 months! Now he loves his binkie! I love it to! I think kids are so cute with binkies! He is just the best little guy! We love him to pieces! He will be 6 months old in about a week!! I can't wait to see what the future holds for this little guy!!

Our Crazy Life

So as you can see I haven't really posted much!! I know I know I said I would keep this up and going! Our lives are just super busy! With 3 kids and Marcs having 2 different companies and about 200 sales reps to deal with on a daily basis things just get out of wack!! NO TIME NO TIME. As of right now Boston, Ashton and Beckham are all at a fun stage, yet challanging at times! Beckham is growing up so fast and is so much fun and so easy!! Ashton is a little spit ball! You never know what kind of mood this little girl is going to be in! Boston is getting so smart! From reading, doing addition etc etc he is growing up!! I love them so much!! I've also been keeping my self busy organizing, making my own baby food, taking the kids to their Hip Hop and sporting events!! Life just never slows down in the Cram home!

Marc on the other hand has 2 successful businesses! I can't brag enough about what an amazing person he is! Summertime is always takin away from us we unreal craziness and super busy! Marcs days start out with Phone call after phone call. I swear he goes through about 20,000 min a day on his cell phone, helping out reps, making business decisions, trying to make everyone happy, etc etc, This usually starts around 7:00 am! He drives into work about 10ish or so. Some people are thinking "Wow he gets to go to work late" Thats usually not the case. He's ususally so busy talking on the phone helping out reps he doesn't get a chance to get up and get ready. Anyways after working all day longer some days not getting home tell midnight others about 7:30! Don't worry his day doesn't end there. More phone calls! And a few nights a week he is up until 2:00 am doing a spot light (this is where he records himself to show the reps who is the number 1 office, sales rep who sold what amounts, and also a modivation!! And alot more other things I'm not really sure about. He does this for both The Dish Company and the Pest Company!! Sometimes I wonder how he even gets it all done!! Just talking about it stresses me out and wears me out! it's a 24/7 job! Yes he even gets calls on Sundays. We just never stop!

I couldn't ask for a better Dad for my kids! He always finds time to play with the kids, help them with reading, Plays barbies with Ashton, Baseball with Boston and plays with little Beckham! Always trying to keep us happy!! We love him very much!! So please forgive me for not having very many posts!!! :)