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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Ok so its way past BLACK FRIDAY but I use to post about my Black Friday experience!! This one I can never forget!!! This year Black Friday fell on the 26th of November. Well Beckham was born November 23 and I didn't get out of the hospital until the 24th and Thanksgiving was on the 25th. I was very determind to go Black Friday shopping! I can't miss this day! I ended up going to Fashion Place Mall since it opened at 9:00 and got the deals at The Childrens Place! After that I was so hot and tired I went back to my moms to take a rest! At 11:45 I hit up Walmart and was able to get everything that I went for!! I was so excited!! Then back to my moms we went and laid down for a few more hours!! Then 4AM Target! and guess what? We got everything we went for!! As tiring as it was, I still ended up with everything I went for!! I was so excited!! This wasnt the craziest Black Friday Shopping, but everyone thought I was crazy for going after having a baby 2 days before!! Im telling ya I can't miss this day for anything, I wait 364 days for it to come every year! So thats my BLACK FRIDAY story of 2010!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Marcs 30th Birthday/ Christmas Morning

Looks like my kids made the "NICE" list this year! Christmas morning was so much fun! Boston woke up first and was so excited to see what Santa brought. We made him wake up Ashton before coming out! It was so cute! Ashton woke right up and was just as excited! They came out and saw all their presents from Santa and started opening them!!! They were both so excited for every gift they got! Both of them got a Buzz, Woody and Jesse doll and also the actual cars from the Cars movie. They were so excited!! I loved watching my kids get so excited over everything!!

Christmas Day is also Marcs birthday! The BIG 3-0! This year we were able to spend his birthday with both families. This doesn't happen that often.

Marc is by far the best Husband and Dad in the world! He picks up our house before heading to work, helps out with the kids, comes right home from work to play with the kids and always helps me out in any way he can! I am truly the luckiest wife ever! Marc is very hard worker and is very good at what he does! He supports our family 110% so I can be a stay at home mom! He is the best thing that has happened to me!! I love you Marc and so glad we can share our lives together! Happy 30th! Im so glad I get to be with you for the rest of your birthdays!!

Monday, December 27, 2010


The Cram Christmas party is always a hit! First we started off with the FAMOUS candy bar game, then BINGO, presents and dinner!! We always have a blast hanging with the fam!

Ashtons presents
*Hippo Sleeping bed bud and Toy Story 3 movie from her cousin
*A Barbie house that Grandpa Cram built for her

Bostons presents
*Toy Story 3 operation game, Buzz Light year toy, and Cars from his cousin
*A Fire Staion play house from Grandma and Grandpa
Marc and I also got lots of clothes from his mom and dad! I love spending the whole day with the Cram bunch!!


The Cram Family Christmas Party

The Cram Family Christmas Party is always so much fun!! We start off with eating some yummy food!! Its always a tradition to do a pinata for the kids, which is always so much fun! This year it was my nephews, Bridger, turn to swing at it. May I mind you that he is on a baseball super league team! Well they blind folded him and he went in for the swing, All of a sudden the wood stick went flying by all the tiny kids and WACK hit Ashton right in the eye. Come to find out the wood poll slid out of the paper it was wrapped in. Bridger had no idea what happened, he took off the blind fold and showed us his hands and the paper was still in the shape of the pole in his hand. I tried getting a better picture but the one above is the best I got! Anyways after that all happened it was time for the other tradition that Marcs Grandma does. The nativity scene and story!! This was the first year they had all the great grandkids do it!! It was so cute! Ashton was feeling alot better after her little accident and she participated!! Of course she had to wear those Princess high heel shoes!! LOL they all look so dang cute and had a fun time doing it!! I love this time of year being able to see all the extended family and catching up!! Now I can't wait for next year!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boston and Ashtons Christmas Program 2010

Boston and Ashton were so cute in their Christmas Programs! It amazed me how well both classes did!! Boston was so cute saying his part "Welcome to our Christmas Program" and Ashton her part "Remember to take lots of pictures." They did such a good job! Ashton and her twin cousins, Charly and Lily are in the same class. You can definantly tell they are related!! Watching them perform was hilarious. Those 3 were so much fun to watch!! Boston goes to the same teacher just on a different day!! He was so stinkin cute in his performance!! He loved having Grandma, Dad and Mom come watch him!!! I think that was his favorite part!! Boston and Ashton have learned so much in the past 4 months! Im excited to see what the rest of the school year brings!!

Our Newest Addition

Beckham Rowland Cram joined our family on November 23, 2010 weighing 7lbs 2oz. 20.5 inches. We were actually going to name Ashton Beckham before we knew she was a girl, so the name has kinda stuck with us and it fits him perfect! Everyone keeps asking me where Rowland came from. My dads middle name is Rowland so we named him after him!! I think it worked out just right! I am so in love with this little guy. You forget how tiny they are and now I dont want him to get any bigger :)

Wow I can finally blog!!!!!

Yeah I get to blog!! Since I finally got my own laptop I can finally blog during the day instead of being way too tired to do it when Marc gets home!! Ill be posting alot through the next few days since so much has gone on!! So check them out when you get the time!