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Friday, October 9, 2009

What have the Cram's been up to

Man the months fly by way too fast. I can't believe I can actually sit down and write something on my blog!!!! I am usually so busy or I don't have a computer:( Anyways, on my last posts I talked about Our company cruise and birthdays and Christmas and yada yada yada! Well here we are again getting ready to head on another company cruise!! I am so excited! This year is going to be a blast! We get to go on the Mexican Riviera Cruise, on Nov 2-6! I will for sure post about that when we get back!

On another note, Boston turned 4 on Sept 17. We had his first friend birthday party! Everyone had so much fun! As soon as I find where I put the camera I will post some pics! (Ours got stolen yet again and I had to barrow my sisters and have yet to find where I put it "IN A SAFE PLACE")

Boston was tested and placed in a Special Education Preschool this year. It will help him catch up and get to where he needs to be before kindergarden. He fell behind back when he was in the process of being diagnosed with diabetes. His body could only handle so much. He was at that age when he starts to learn more and more. The problem was is that he wasn't learning more and more he was struggling and his body was to weak to focus. After he was diagnosed we had to try to regain what he had already learned. Slowly but surely he gained it back, but months after the diagnoses. Now he has a bus come pick him up on Tues and Thurs from 9:30 until 12:30. The nice part about this preschool it that it's free!!! Marc and I decided since we were planning on paying for preschool we would still put him in my neighbors preschool as well to help him catch up! So he actually goes to 2 different preschools. One is Mon and Wed and the other is Tues and Thurs. He loves going to both of them and I can see he is really progressing!! I put him in Soccer and he didn't really seem to interested in that. I am trying Karate right now and he tells me he wants to go every week! I can wait for T-ball and Football, I know for sure he is going to love both of those!!

His diabetes has taken us for a loop. On May 5 we were at a Cinco De Maio neighborhood party and Boston's levels got low. I had my sister-in-law Heidi watch after Ashton while I raced home (Heidi is our neighbor just an FYI). As soon as I got home he was so cranky from being low he wouldn't eat anything and the only thing I could thing of at the moment was Syrup. That had tons of carbs in it. I held him down and forced syrup down him. I know that sounds mean but usually when they are in this stage they don't have a clue whats going on and won't eat or drink anything. I had to save my son from having a seizure. We a few minutes later I tested him and his levels were going up so I held him. A few seconds later his eyes rolled into that back of his head and the seizure began. I had no idea what to do, I couldn't let go of him and I could get anything without letting him go. This was the worst of the worst. I ran outside with Boston in my arms hoping someone was out there. NO ONE that I could see. I ran to my neighbors house (Wayne and Rachelle) and pounded on their door. I was basically screaming "HELP ME, BOSTONS HAVING A SEIZURE AND HE'S NOT COMING OUT OF IT." I was so scared. After his seizure he didn't wake up. My neighbors called 911 and sure enough they were there in a few min. He finally woke up and saw my neighbor over him and he started laughing. It was the scariest seizure with the funniest outcome! I think this is the hardest part about having a diabetic child. It comes with complications when you least expect it.
He's a a few more minor seizures but nothing to serious. Other than that he is a healthy boy!! I just hope one day there will be a cure!

Ashton is now in Tumbling and Dance! She goes to both of them up here in EMcity!! The place is called InMotion Dance! This year she is actually starting to pay attention and listen to her teachers!! She was going to my sister-in-laws tumbling @ Jamie's Tumbling in South Jordan but since my other sister-in-law is the teacher she has a hard time listening, so I thought for this year it might be better to have her go to someone she doesn't know! Hopefully next year she will listen her her aunt and I will put her back in Jamie's Tumbling!!! LOL the little stink!
We had a little accident with Ashton and Scissors. She found some kid scissors, and of course I was busy talking to my Young Women girls, and low and behold my oven became a mirror and chop, chop, chop she now has a strip of no hair right on top of her head. It has since grow a little and by little I mean a tiny bit. Right now the only hairstyle I can do on her is have her wear a head band or do a mohawk at the top and flip the sides out. Not much of a choice but she is still dang cute!! I knew this would happen and not better time when she has barely any hair anyway!!!

WE GOT A DOG!!! I know I know, I totally hated dogs. But man do I love them now!! We got a miniature poodle!! His name is Harley. He is mainly white and has a black spot on his BUTT and half of his face is black!! He is so much fun and the kids love him! Potty training is just a pain!

Anyways I guess that's a pretty good and long update for now! I promise I will try to be better about updating!!! It's time for me to go put my kids to bed and for me to sit and relax!! See y'all soon!