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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

SLACKER of the year

I know, I know! It's been way too long. I haven't even posted anything about Marcs birthday on Christmas day, Christmas itself, Ashtons birthday on January 8 and a bunch of other fun things!! Well I have to explain. Our computer no longer works for some reason and Marc won't let me down load anything on his new laptop! So that is my excuse! Anyways I will update you on a little bit for now!!

Marc turned 28 on Christmas day! I can't believe he is almost hitting the 30 mark! Marc is such an awesome hubby and an amazing DAD!! Boston and Ashton love him so much, especially because he is always playing with them! He had a great birthday and loves having it on Christmas!!

Ashton turned 2 I can't believe it she is getting so big. I will for sure post pics when I get the chance! She loves singing, even if it means her own 2 year old talk songs!! Everything she picks up is a mic! She is too funny! We got her a Step 2 clubhouse set from Sams and they love it!! I do have to tell you what happened with it!!

First, We needed to barrow Marcs bosses Truck and we knew he wouldn't mind because he loves taking Marcs car, anyway we needed his truck to pick up the boxes because they wouldn't fit in any of our cars! So Marc drove to Sams in Sandy, in the Truck and picked them up! Let me remind you it was a really snowy day and really hard to see anything, Back to the story Marc was headed home and about half way home he noticed the boxes where gone, he thought they tipped over, so he got out of the truck and realized they were gone. He turned around and traced his tracks and low and behold it was scattered across the freeway! He stopped 3 lanes of traffic and almost got a ticket and the saddest part of all is that about 5 pieces were broken so we could even set it up for her birthday. Luckily we called step 2 and they were able to send us we still had to pay 100 bucks to send it all be it was well worth it. We have it up and they play on it in the basement everyday. i can't get them away from it

Christmas was a blast!! Santa brought so many things to our kids! They must have been better than I thought!! LOL They each got a power wheel and a ton of little toys!! I will take pics so I don't have to write every gift they got!! You can just see the mess they made!!!

Anyways as of right now not a whole lot is going on. Marc and his work got tickets to the Lakers game ROW 1 yep I said it! Lucky Dawg! I am still waiting for him to tell me it's my turn to go in Dishones seats!! Yeah right LOL. He is totally pumped and can't stop talking about it. He truly deserves it!!

Marc right now has been crazy busy at work as usual. Marc LOVES his job and when I mean LOVE, I really mean it!! I don't think there is a day that goes by that I don't hear the words DISHONE! But hey what can I say I love it too!! We are very blessed to know all of the people he works with. We love everyone there!! We always have tons of fun when we hangout. Well at least I do!! We couldn't ask for a better place to be right now!!!

Boston is going to start sports coming up in March!! They have an ITTY BITTY BALL league for 3 to 4 year olds! He is so excited to start! We still need to go get him some shoes!! He has been in preschool since September and is really loving it! In fact he told me he wanted to go to preschool to see Rachelle and Mrs. Tausha! He really loves his teachers!! His diabetes is doing ok. His levels have been so up and down we just can't seem to get him on a normal pace!!! We finally got him off the sippy. He talks more than ever since we got him off!! I think my favorite saying is "MOMMY" and I say "what" and he says "COME HEREWA" you know kid talk!!!

Ashton is still taking dance with my nieces. I just let her go in with Heidi and she kinda just does her own thing, she maybe follows what they are doing for about a minute then she is on her own!! She sings all the time and loves doing whatever Boston is doing!! She probably talks just as much as Boston or at least she is almost there!! Her famous word is NO NO NO with a finger point and shake. She is for sure my fighsty one!!

I am still just doing all my crazy jobs and now that we have a gym pass at golds, I plan on going there at least 4 to 5 times a week!! I want to get into some good shape!!! I am really tired right now so I am going to have to post other things later and I will also post pics when I can!! I am going to the Diabetes Expo on the 28th and will be staying at my moms so hopefully I can bring all my pics and post them for everyone to see!! Anyways I am falling asleep!! Later