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Sunday, November 30, 2008


Most of you may know I LOVE Black Friday!! I look forward to it all year long! Anyways this year was quit a thrill!
To start our night off I went and saw TWILIGHT for the second time and Loved it even more! I went with Marcs sisters, Jamie, Heidi, Katie and Camilla and Camillas Hubby Ryan! We went at 9:45pm. After that me and the girls headed to the Mall for some midnight shopping! We had a blast, got everything we went for! After that Marcs mom and 2 sisters left and his other 2 sisters Jamie and Heidi and I went to Walmart at about 2:30. When we got there we thought we would head inside to find where all of our stuff will be! Little did we know people had been there all night so we decided to stay in as well! I was there for the $88.00 Power Wheels! At about 3:45 the Walmart workers were asking all the people who had been standing there a while what items they wanted and they loaded up a flat cart for each of us with Power Wheels! I needed 3, 1 for Ashton, 1 for Boston and 1 for my Best Friend Candice for her little boy! (I was getting it for her so she didn't have to bring it home from St. George) I was also waiting for the Leapsters for my kids! Anyways at about 4:45 they said go and I ran up to my cart and tried holding on for dear life as everyone came plowing towards me! I had my hands and body over all three power wheels. Let me remind you they were way higher then my head! LOL anyways some dirty big guy came and grabbed the top one out of my hands, He grabbed it and it hit me and I flew to the side and my cell phone flung out of my pocket and broke open all over the floor. I tried grabbing the power wheel he took but there was way too many people and I wanted to save my other 2 so i picked up what part of my phone I saw and held on to my Power Wheels. I had 4 leapsters 3 green and 1 pink and they flew off when the guy stole my power wheel so I lost them. But I was lucky enough to get 4 green leapsters (The ones I got were the new model they didn't have enough of the old so they had to sale the newer ones for the sale price!) I was so pissed off that I wanted to go find this guy and get it back! So I headed for the front! Lucky me found the guy as he was getting ready to check out. I yelled "Do not ring that up that is mine he stole it from my cart" he was so mad I found him. He looked at me and said " You have 3 you don't need them all" I told him I did. Anyways they were getting a manager and the lady standing behind him in line had 4 for a charity and she was yelling at him telling him he was a bad man and that it's not right to do that. His wife was standing there saying what a great man he was. Yeah Right he basically pushed me down to get a toy Can I sue?JK After about 15 min of fighting the charity lady looks at him and says "You just take it, and when your son opens that on Christmas you will have that guilty conscience that you stole that from a lady, I will give this young lady one of mine" and she gave me the one I was missing! That was the nicest thing ever! Here I am standing with no phone to call anyone and 3 powerwheels and leapsters waiting for my sister in laws. A few people offered me phonesto call them so I did and I found them! They were in line and I had already paid! Anyways I had 2 security guards standing with me so no one else would take them! And 1 of them walked me to my car and helped me load! Then I ran back in to find my battery to my cell phone!! I was so lucky! I found the battery and also found the toy that Jamie wanted for her little boy! (They only had 4 of what she wanted!!)

A few parts I left out was I had another BIG DAWG try to take another power wheel but I saved it!! He also tried to take the lady that gave me one, one of hers and she jumped on it!

It was really fun and scary at the same time! I keep thinking about that stupid guy who got away with pushing a girl and stealing. I also feel really bad that I took one from a lady that was donating to charity. But I am glad I got one for Candice! I am not even sure I am going to keep them I just thought if I could get them sweet if not o'well! We all got everything we went for. We mapped out what to get and we got it! Thanks jamie and Heidi I always have so much fun with you guys!

The question is will I do it again? Absolutely!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Boston Again?

You guessed it. You think after having foot surgery at a year and a half, Diabetes at a year and nine months and now GLASSES at 3. When will it ever end! The diabetes Dr suggested I take him to the eye doctor.

REASON: He goes cross eyed all the time and thinks he is so funny

little did we know he is far sided and that is what is causing him to go cross eyed and also causing him to run into things! I am glad we got that figured out! Now the only thing is is finding cute glasses for a 3 year old. The ones they were trying to get me to buy were circles with a animal print. YEAH FREAKIN RIGHT. I would rather pay a 1000.00 dollars to get him normal ones. No way I am going to make him wear silly glasses! So If you have any suggestions on where to buy some better looking glasses please let me know!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Our Twilight night finally came!! I loved the movie way more than I thought I would!! I told Marc I wish he was a vampire!! LOL! I am actually going to see it again Thanksgiving night before Black Friday!! (That will make the time go by fast for shopping) For those of you that know me, you know I hate love stories/chick flicks! This is the only movie that I have really enjoyed, Yes love story and all!! I think this may even be my favorite movie of all times!! It was really fun to go with mine and Heidi's friends Katie and Jana! We sure miss those girls! Sorry I will post pics!! We can't figure how to right click on Marcs new laptop so I can copy and paste the pics from Heidi's blog! PS I didn't even read the books and I loved it!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Next Saturday night is going to be a MEGA girls night!! Marcs cousins Chels and Linds got a whole bunch of girls together to go see Twilight ! First we are all going to dinner, than the movie and from what I hear we are getting dessert afterwards! That means we will be home around 3 AM! Funny thing is is that I haven't even read one book!! Sorry everyone I am not a reading fan! I am just so excited there is a movie and I don't have to read the book!!! YAHOO!!! LOL Well I may read the book on the plane when we go on our cruise!! I am terrified of flying so it may take my mind of it!! Anyways Thanks girls for the invite!!! I am so excited!! Oh lets not forget they ordered everyone a Shirt/Sweatshirt to wear that night!!! (Don't worry we are all paying for our own!! ) We better get a big group picture!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

8 Things! Thanks Michelle!

8 Things

8 T.V. shows I like to watch

1. 24
2. Days of our lives (I know lame but I got hooked after staying home so much)
3. Of course Ellen Degenerous!!!
4. The Hills
5. Jon and Kate plus 8 (This mom and dad amaze me! and inspire me)
6. Suite Life Of Zach and Cody!!
7. Extreme Makeover Home Edition
8. One Tree Hill

8 Things that happened yesterday

1. Went to Toys R Us and got my kids their big gifts. (I mean Santa met me there so I could show him)!!!
2. We grocery shopping
3. Went to Toys R Us again because we got 2 big gifts for each kid and only one box would fit in My Pilot.
4. Went to work at 5:30 AM (I didn't got to bed tell 1:00 AM
5. Marc had meetings
6. Shayne (my friend Sheenas little boy that I pick up from school Mon. Tues and Thurs.) Sheena came to get him and I couldn't find him, he took off with Bryson Herd to the park to find Lucky! LOL
7. Went to a play group at my sister, Teylors, friend, Debbies house,! There was another Boston there and he had a little brother named Beckham and we want to name our next boy Beckham!!! Well if we ever have another!
8.clean my house!

8 places I like to eat

1. Tucanos
2. Rodizio Grill
3. Del Taco
4. Chick-fil-A
5. McDonalds (Just for the cheap dollar menu)
6. Tepanyaki
7. Applebees
8. Astro burger or Apollo

8 Things I am looking forward to

1. Going on our cruise on Dec 15-19
2. Going on another cruise in August!!!
3. Christmas morning (I can't wait for my kids to see what Santa will bring them!!)
4. The weekend to relax (If that even happens we are always going going going)
5. Black Friday, I have been looking forward to this since the last one!!
6. Good sales at the end of winter!
7. New Years to get a New New Years Resolution
8. Get my house organized!

8 Things on my wish list

1. Bostons Diabetes will magically disappear and he will no longer have it!!
2. I so want the new Pilot I love it! Or a BMW X5
3. Well since we all know number 1 will never happen I hope he stays as Healthy as he can as well as Ashton.
4. To be able to have more time with my hubby!!! He works works works and works! But it is well worth it!! We love Dishone!!!
5. That I had a million dollars/more and I would share it with my family!!
6. That the economy will go back to normal and not have so many problems.
7. I wish my kids would go to bed earlier! Well Boston he goes anywhere from 10-12pm
8. World Peace!! LOL

8 People I tag
Candy Vandy
Lindsey Sharp!
And whoever wants to!!