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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A list of my days plus Another Seizure

Yes Boston had another seizure. Ever since we got his new pump he has had 2 seizures, because it is giving him too much insulin. I have an appointment at the begining of November so we can fix everything. Right now I have to write everything down all his levels and all his carbs he eats. I should always be doing this. I haven't because he is such a grazer. Which means he eats so random. It makes it really hard to keep track. Anyways here is a list of my days.

I will list my easy day!!

*Wake up go to work

*Getting home from work
*Feeding the kids Breakfast
*Test Boston and write down all his carbs and levels
*Put everything in his pump that needs to be entered
*Boston has Preschool on Mon and Wed

*Getting Boston and Ashton ready for the day and myself if I have time

*Pick up Shayne from school (Sheenas boy this is only Mon Tue and Thurs)
*Feed the kids snacks if they are hungry
*Test Boston and write all his info down
*Enter everthing in his pump that is needed

*Boston gets home from Preschool on Mon and Wed only

*Feed kids lunch! Test Boston if needed and write down his lunch carbs and level
*Enter all info in pump that has not been entered

*Put Boston and Ashton down for a nap!

*Clean house as much as I can before there nap is over!!

*Sit for a min to take a small break!
*Work on Shaynes homework with him before his mom comes and gets him

*Kids wake up, Shayne goes home
*Test Boston, write levels and enter in pump

*Start getting dinner ready and finish cleaning (if kids make this possible)

*Feed kids their dinner and bath them! Test Boston yada yada yada!

*Marc may be home!
*Play with kids!!
*Clean dinner up

*Ashton goes to bed

*get Boston ready for bed if he goes!! Test him and all that other stuff!!!

*Boston may go down to bed! He is a night baby. He is so random eveynight.

*I go to bed, I go to bed when I am really really tired! So it is also random for me too!

So this is my day busy as always, Let's not forget to mentio
*Wednesdays I teach gymnastics from 1:30-3:30
*Thursdays I clean my friend Allis house ( I have been doing this since Boston was born)
*Fridays Ashton has dance at 11:00 and Boston has Karate at 5:00

This is probably a really boring blog but if I ever seem stressed out then now you know why! My life is crazy. Yes there are a few things I can eliminate but the first things I would eliminate would be my jobs and those are what keep me sane! It kinda gives me a break away from my busy-ness at home! I have also been the type that has worked most of my life and staying at home all day drives me crazy, I always have to be doing something! Call me crazy!! Allis house is one of those really easy things Dust and Vacuum thats about it! And I love teaching gymnastics! And my kids really love there activities! I pick up Shayne to help my best friend out who is a single mom! It will only be this school year then he goes to 1st grade! I work ealier in the morning that way I am not missing out on any of my kids's lives! I still take them to do fun activities even if I am way too tired to do it!

Most days Marc cleans the house for me so I dont have to do it!! That helps out alot until the kids mess it all up and his nice cleaning work is destroyed. Lets just say the second Marc walks out the door the house begins to fall apart!!

This is my life and my days! Crazy I know but I do this everyday plus more!!


chel wakley said...

busy busy busy. Thanks again for coming to the party. It was so great to see you as usual. And you looked darling.

Shamae said...

You are a busy lady! Sorry about Boston's seizure. You think they would get you in sooner for something like that. Ya it gets tedius recording all of Sydney's level's too...oh well we do what we have to do right. Good luck and let me know what the doc says. Hey where do you put Boston's pump during the night? I can't figure out what to do with Syd's. Last night we just stuck it down her pant leg. Where do you guys put it?

Ben and Heidi said...

Your schedule exhausts me just reading it!

The Hammonds said...

Wow, your a good Mom, makes me think I dont have it so bad! :)

Andrew and Lyndsey Richardson said...

Wow, what a schedule. You definitely are a busy lady and you only have the ONE boy! I don't know how you do all you do!