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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Have The Worst Luck

So for those of you that don't know how bad of luck I have here is a few details! First (not even close to last) I got a new phone about 4 months ago, Marcs worked signed up to be with Cingular. I got a red blackberry pearl! I wasn't to big of a fan of this phone and wanted to switch to get a different one! Well while I was at work, I was dumping the mop bucket and out slipped my phone and into the water. They wouldn't return it with water damage. Luckliy with Marcs iphone he got a free razor so I ended up using that! Well will I went jogging one day, I set my phone on the counter. When I got back my phone would no longer turn on, it wouldn't even charge. So I called and they had me look at the water dot on the back, it was red (which means water damage) I was furious because it was no where near water, I have no clue how it got wet anyways I called and they told me I had to pay $300 for a new one. I just hung up with them and said screw it. Then I thought I should just try to call back again to see what they can do for me. Besides Marcs work just bought 4 iphones, there has got to be something. Well I must of had good luck cause the guy I was talking to said "Yes I will send you the new one at no charge!" I was so happy. Well after about a month of having it, the phone did the same thing just turned off and would go back on. This time no water damage so they sent me a replacement! My next step it going to the Mall with my best friend Candice! We went shopping and split for a little bit I was at Buckle trying stuff on and she was at Nordy's anyways she called looking for me and I answered and she met me at the store! Then we both headed to a store to exchange something for her and the went back to Nordstrom when I noticed my phone was gone. Within 5 min of being out of Buckle and going to only 2 stores my cell phone was no where to be found. We tried calling it and it went straight to voicemail. It still to this day has not been found. I ended up buying a cheapo at walmart which really was cheap. I barely dropped it and the screen completely cracked like I had thrown it at a brick wall. So went and bought a different one. So far so good.

Another small thing I had bad luck with these past few weeks, I was blow drying my hair and my blow dryer died so I ran to Heidi's to barrow hers (the twins blow dryer). I kept forgetting to return it and decided I will just go give it back before something happens to it. The day I was going to return it I was blow drying my hair and the back of the blow dryer caught 1 yes 1 piece of hair in it and it started smelling like somthing was burning. It then shut off. It still works but not as great. Let's just say I got Heidi and myself a new blow dryer! Hopefully this one will last!


The Gentry Family said...

Don't feel too bad. I had to replace my Razor like 6 times...they just suck! Sorry you have bad luck though!

Shamae said...

I had to replace my Razor once too. I hated that phone. I am glad I got a new one. Anyway hopefully you have better luck with phones...and hair dryers. :D

Andrew and Lyndsey Richardson said...

Wow, and I thought I had bad luck with phones. That is frusterating! Hopefully your electronic luck gets better soon!

cottle fam said...

hey this is haylie cottle from the ward. your blog is cute. i am loving them these days. i got to yours oof of heidi's. sorry about yopur phones way frustrating ugh!