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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Ashton was so tired she got a pillow and went to sleep on my kitchen floor .

Ashton just woke up from a nap and already had a sucker and is ready for that butter finger!

Bostons Party theme was Lowes!! I got aprons, googles, hammers, tool belts, plastic tools, some kids got hats!! Lowes has a kids workshop and thats where I got most of the stuff for FREE!!!

My nieces Charly and Lily ( They loved the gold medals they got whenthe finished their projects)

Boston being shy! He had a cold at his party.

I think this is Charly I can't tell which twin it is! Sorry Heidi

His Nemo cake ( Does it look like Nemo?, They are cupcakes)

These are all the kids at his birthday party!! some cousins and some neighbors! It was sooooo much fun

Boston opening his presents!

My nephew Walker, I think he is hungry!!

My nephew Hunter ( He loved all the buliding stuff)

Boston hitting the Pinata. He hit it once and it broke! No one even got a shot at hitting it!! SO CUTE!!

This is our friend Alex who stayed with us for just a week!! My kids love him!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Seizure

Our poor little Boston had another seizure this morning. I was at work and Marc was home and heard Boston crying and ran to his room and tested him. His blood glucose level was at 40, he should be between 100-200, so Marc tried to feed him anything that had carbs in it and he wouldn't so I drove home quick so I could help him. We couldn't understand why he wasn't eating anything. Finally I called the diabetes doctor to see what was wrong with him. At this time he had been crying (like he was in pain) She then asked me a bunch of questions and told us that he had had a mild seizure in his sleep and woke up not knowing what was going on. That explained all the symptoms he was having. Which were not eating or drinking, wouldn't stand on his own, his eyes wouldn't open and his hands were curled up as if he had some kind of disorder. As of right now he is laying in our bed sleeping and is doing much better. Things like this are scary but it is something that we are going to have to deal with for the rest of his life. I will update you on how he is doing!!! Later

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dishone Banquet

On Saturday the 20th Dishone had their end of the year banquet which is for all the salesmen that sale door to door in the summer for 4 months!! It was so much fun and they had so many awesome prizes!! Marc out it all together with some help from Jeremy and Mike and Tim!!
The morning of the banquet Marc and a few other people got to go sky diving (The people who got to go had to meet a goal in order to go) well they actually were going to go but it was to windy and they had to close it! SO they are going this Saturday. Anyways Lagoon was fun! We had no kids so it made it nice not to have to worry about them! The Banquet turned out awesome! THere were a few salesmen missing but there was still a ton of people! At the very end they asked all the owners and their wives to come up! Which included Jeremy and Robyn, Mike and JIll, Marc and myself, Tim and Laura (Tim isn't an owner but he is one step down from it!! ) anyways Mike took the time to thank all of them for there hard work and also thanked all the wives for putting up with them threw the summer, let me add that during the summer the guys are gone basically from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm so we never got to see them. In return they gave all the guys a Playstation 3 and all the wives a 500.00 gift card to the mall!! IT was awesome! They are also taking us on another cruise in December! I can hardley wait!! Marc loves working for dishone. All the guys he works with are so much fun and the wives to!!! I can't wait for the next year to come!!


I can't believe Boston is 3! He turned 3 on September 17. We haven't celebrated it yet, because we flew out to see the Ellen show! I know poor guy! But he will get his birthday party this week!! So I will post when I get a chance! Boston is such a good kid, Yes he gets in moods sometimes but he is sooooo much fun! He loves talking on the phone with people and he is doing awesome in his preschool class! We have also enrolled him in Karate which he is doing much better at! I will have to post pics as soon as I get a computer to do it!! Anyways I will be posting pics soon!! Later!!

P.S. I still owe you guys pics from his first birthday and from our friend staying with us! So I promise I will do it as soon as I can!!


So for those of you that are Ellen Fans! You better be jealous! I had the opportunity to go to her show on Thursday the 18th and best of all we got to sit on the front row!!!! It was fridays episode! Sorry it was so late! I am sure they will have reruns but just an FYI it was the one with Neil Patrick Harris and Betty White! It was sooo much fun. I went with my sisters and mom!! We had a blast!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

High School TAG!!!

I found this tag off of a blog and thought it would be fun!

Your High School's full name: Jordan High School
*High School Colors: Maroon and Grey
*School Mascot: Digger Dan
*Did you date anyone from your school? Yes, a few some graduated before me and 1 I dated most of my high school year I guess you could say all of my highschool year~
*What kind of car did you drive: Subaru
*It's Friday night where are you: Each week was different, at a party or just hanging out with the BF and his friends
*Were you a party animal: Yes ,Yes I was
*Were you considered a flirt: Yes, you could say that!
*Were you in band, orchestra, choir, or other group: Nope just Dance
*Were you in any clubs: DECA my sophmore year
*Did you ever get expelled or suspended: Of course not
*Can you still sing the fight song: I know the school song I am not sure on the fight song??
*Who were your favorite teachers: Probably Hutch! He could be mean but when he is in a good mood you love him!!
*Where did you sit during lunch: We always went out! A few times we stayed at school but mostly went to wendys!!
*Who did you go to Homecoming with: Sophmore, Johnny Clark
*If you could go back and re-do high school would you: Yes, there are a lot of things I would change!
*What do you remember about Graduation: SO excited to be done and couldn't wait for the big party they have in Pepperwood! I know pretty lame! But at the time it was fun!
*Have you gained weight since then: Well I have had 2 kids. but my weight is about a 5 pound difference I haven't looked in a while so I am not sure!
*Do you plan on going to your 10 year reunion: My sister just had hers. I think it would be so much fun!!! Just to see where everyone has been!!
*Who was your #1 pick Best Friend in High School: Girls: Sheena and Shantel! Boys: Tyler Middleton! Still friends with them!

I am the worst blogger

I am sorry that my blog has been so boring these past couple months. For some reason my computer doesn't let me do a new post. I can't figure it out! Anyways I will be posting or at least try to post new blogs in the next few days! One which will be of our friends staying with us for a week and another of Bostons first day of Preschool!! He is getting so big!

In a few weeks my mom, my two sisters and I are headed to Burbank California to go to the Ellen show! We are so excited! It will be a blast! The sad part about it is I am leaving on Bostons birthday the 17th. We still we celebrate it just on a different day! Anyways I will post pics and new blogs in the next couple of days!!