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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Totally Unexpected! IT'S BEEN A YEAR

It has been 1 year today that Boston was rushed to Primary Childrens, where we were told he had type 1 Diabetes. This year has been a real struggle and challenge! But, we have survived! Boston has been a true sport through all of this! The pictures above were when we were at the hospital. Believe or not those pictures of him look way better than what he looked like taking him to the hospital! I have had alot of people ask me how we found out so I will explain.

Last June Boston got really sick. (FLU SYMTOMS) so I took him to the doctor just to make sure! I was sent home with them telling me he had the flu so I thought nothing of it. Then the weekend went by and he was still really sick so I took him back in. The bad part was my doctor was out of town so I got told again it was the flu. Again I thought nothing of it. The next day it got worse, Boston was drinking sippy after sippy FULL of milk. We changed his diaper and PJ's about 5 times a night, he stopped walking and talking and was sleeping about 18 hours a day! He was pale white. Once again I took him to the doctor and finally I said " I want a blood test, x-ray anything something that we can find out! So they sent me to Alta View to do all the tests and they said they would call me and let me know. I drove all the way home to Eagle Mountain when I got a call " You need to take Boston to the ER at Primary Childrens right now don't wait. His blood glucose level is 790 (kids his age are usually between 100-200) this is a sign of Diabetes. They are ready and waiting for you." I hopped in the car a raced down there. 45min to 1 hour drive. When we got there that is when they diagnosed him. This poor kid had needles going in and out of his head and tubes everywhere on him. We were at the hospital for about 4 days. Ashton was only 6 months. Thanks to both of our families that took her over night and thru out the day, so we could focus on Boston and everything we have to do to keep him healthy.

Boston is such an amazing kid. At first we had to give him shots about 6-9 times a day. We now have a pump for him that has taken the stress way down!! He is now learning to prick his finger on his own. Don't get me wrong he is only 2 going on 3 so what 3 year old can do that on their own but he does press the button so the prick will prick him I just do the rest! He really is such a champ when it comes to his diabetes. It doesn't ever bother him and he loves that he has a pager (pump lol) We are so greatful for him and so glad that this is something we can control at home. This is one thing I have to say. I am glad he has this and nothing worse!

Boston we love you and are so thankful you are our son! Thanks for being such a champ threw everything you have been through!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

STAMPIN UP Just For Kicks

So I am thinking about doing a stamp club!! They are really fun and a good way to get out of the house!! I am actually in one(starting in August). But I thought I might just want to do one myself as well! IF any of you are interested let me know. Here is a little more info on how it works.

Once a month you will come to my house (or we can arrange something) and we do a project for free. Yes for free and then you just buy something from the catalog! It is a 10 month commitment, with a $15 minimum purchase of Stampin' Up! merchandise. One out of the 10 months you will get to be the "hostess" and get all the Hostess Benefits!! If you are into scrapbooking or anything to do with being crafty this is really fun! Please just email me @ morganwwj@yahoo.com

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

* * *WHAT A DAY* * *

First off This weekend Boston chipped Ashtons tooth. So that's what started my day today. I woke up at about 3:00 a.m. (Boston woke me up) then I just couldn't go back to sleep. So I turned the TV on and watched spiderman 3 unitl about 4:30. Then I had to get up and go to work. I worked today until 9:15 am then went and dropped Marcs suits off at the cleaners. I got home around 9:45 am and started getting everything ready for the day. Like packing snacks, diapers,etc. Like I had time to get ready! At 12:00 I had to go to zions to get our account all figured out and put together. Then at 1:00 p.m. Ashton had her Dentist appt. just to see what they could do for her front chipped tooth. After sitting in the waitng room, like what seemed forever because I had to wake Ashton from her nap to bring her so she cried the whole time we were in the waiting room, finally they brought us back and guess what..............................There was nothing they could do. I just went to a family dentist so I may try a Pediatic Dentist!! I guess we will see. After the appt I had to run to Costco to pick up stuff to make a meal for a family in our ward who had a hip replacement. (They live across the street from us) Let me just add that my kids weren't crying they were just taking everything out of the cart and throwing it and wanted every food sample there was. After Costco I had to run to Walmart. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA What was I thinking. Boston and Ashton were standing in the cart, no not sitting standing. They love standing in the back. Then they were fighting over who got to stand in the front, then Boston would climb and sit in the front seat and go back and fourth fifty times. I finally thought I will grab some sippys, since half of the ones I buy are missing. Bad Idea (I got 4 of them) Boston would take one and throw it and it would go so far that I had to run and grab it, but by that time he had already gotten another one and threw it farther. I was getting so tired. I finally said "that's it we are going". So I went to go check out. Lets see by this time it was almost 4:00 which means I only had 2 hours to go home and cook a meal for our neighbors and my family. I got home unloaded all the food and started getting to work. Let's just say my day started at 3:00 a.m. being wide awake and now it is almost 8:00pm and I am barely sitting down. My kids weren't even that bad they just were really busy today and it tore me down! I love my kids, Yes they are little pains in my side sometimes but it is well worth it! Boston is talking so much more and Ashton is catching on to a little bit of them! My favorite is when Bostons pump falls he says "Aw O Pump" and then you hear a little " Aw O pump" but when she says it the P has a spitting noise!! She is so cute! I have pics of her Mater (from cars) tooth that got chipped! She still is so cute!! I also have a video that I am going to have Heidi post(our computer won't download anything so heidi posts all my things!! Thanks Heidi)
that shows how OCD Boston really is! He lines up water bottles on my counter and has to make sure they are perfect! I will try to post it soon. Well anyways since I just put 10 different conversations in one! If you read this and it doesn't make since let me know cause I am too tired to read it over. That is just how my long day was today! Let's not forget that I have to make another dinner for my other neighbor that just had a baby! Well I am going to go to bed I am out see ya!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Rock a by baby!!

For most of you that don't know Ashton rocks herself to sleep at night!! Yes, she hits her head a few times on the crib ut she goes to sleep! Heidi was watching my kids today and got this recorded! Ashton was so tired and this is what she did.......................

PS It is Lily crying in the background.

PPS I still need to get video of my kids dancing to APPLE BOTTOM JEANS in the car. It is so funny they love it! That is the only song I am aloud to listen to with them in the car. If I change boy am I in trouble!