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Monday, March 10, 2008

STORAGE Are you Prepared?

How many of you have a food storage? I know I now do! With my tax return money I have been getting stocked up with storage that I never had before! Now is the time to buy for all your winter warm clothes!

At walmart they have there sweats going for $1.00 that is a steal of a deal! Also for those who have girls they have a whole snow suit outfit for $15 dollars there but I only found them at the Orem Walmart everywhere else is sold out! They are normally 40.00 dollars! Get them while they last!

At Cabelas online they have kids and infants snow boots that are really great boots for 17.oo which are normally 40 or 50 I can't remember! One thing to keep in mind is that you want to get a size that will last for a few years cause you can always stuff the toes! Cabelas also has their pocket knifes buy on get one free! Get them before they are gone!

Today Heidi and I went to a place called Emergency Essentials! They have great stuff there on sale right now! We got toliets, MRE food, Emergency sleeping bags, I also got Marc and I these really nice bags for 40.00 everywhere else they are 100.00 They will fit just enough stuff for a 72 hour kit and maybe more!

Right now what I have is a bunch of canned for items a backpack for each kid and ourselves and a family bag! Each bag consists of these thus far!

1 Backpack (watch for these to go on sale after the new school year)
1 mess kit ($6.00 at walmat)
1 set of long lasting candles (($2.00 at walmart)
2 sets of hand, feet and etc warmers (Also at walmart for 1.50 but you can find these anywhere)
1 survival drinking mug ( Cabelas has these as well for about $13.00) This comes with a compass, waterproof matches, ponco, blanket, whistle, and more!
1 toohbrush
1 toothpase
warm clothes
coloring book and crayons
first aid kit
MRE meals
Sleeping bag

There is much more things you need but all cannot fit in the bags. That was just for individuals!
Who knows what might happen in the next years to come! so the question is ARE YOU PREPARED? What could happen if your not? Marcs mom is copying a list for me that you only have to spend 5 dollars a week on food stoarge! (If anyone wants a copy I am more than willing to caopy it for you just let me know!)thats about 20-25 dollars a month! Thats nothing! That 25 dollars a month could save you! I am not saying you have to go out a buy everything I did but at least start now and get things everytime you go grocery shopping! The first thing I started with was Backpacks so everything had a place to go!! I know that some people may think "I don't need a food storage right now nothing is happening!" What about those people in Louisana when Hurricane Katrina came? That is the best time to be prepared! You may not be able to take everything but at least you will have something! Don't put yourself into debt for it! You don't have to have everything at once just little by little! AGAIN are you PREPARED?

I must add Thanks to my sister-in-law Heidi she is the one that started me on this!!!


Goodman Family said...

YEAH!! Where is the thanks Heidi for getting me going on this :) JK

jamie aka socialite shops too much said...

Hey I want to be on the list! jamiehubs@gmail.com

Muranda said...

So funny, I was just talking to Teylor about this today. I went to the store and got a billion cans of food today. I am not sure if something is going to happen or not, but everyone I talk to lately has food storage on the brain! thanks for the tips!

email me that list when you get it...murandabarker(at)gmail.com

Lisa and DJ said...

First of all, where have you been?

Second, you and Heidi *amaze* me with all your emergency stuff. You guys are so awesome!! I definitely could learn a lesson or two from you!

Heather & Josh said...

I really need to work on food storage. Those are all really great tips. I would love a copy of that food storage plan. You are amazing at finding deals. I just don't have the patience.

Andrew and Lyndsey Richardson said...

Yay for you! We actually just got finished with all of our 72 hour kits and our year supply of food storage. We did the kits first, like you, and then last July we got food storage out of the way in one lump sum with one of our bonus'. The $5 a week sounds like a good way to go though. And let me tell you, it feels great to be done. Then you just have to remember to keep everything updated.

Andrew and Lyndsey Richardson said...

Oh, I forgot to add- the church has a food storage calculator online that really helped me make a start. Once I had everything they recommended, I started adding my own personal preferences. I was nice to have someplace to start though. They also have a list of recommended items for 72 hour kits. It sounds like you have it just about covered, but just thought you might want to know.

Kristin said...

Morgan! Thanks for the Happy Birthday!!! I did put Katie and you on my list of people:) Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. How is that Katie? Mike asked me if I ever talk to her because he thinks he saw her in Wendover last weekend??? How are you and the kids?

kgoody said...

Your such a good girl! Thats what Im doing with our tax return. I feel so much more secure now to have some stuff to start with.

Jess & Bud said...

Hey! I found your blog off of Robyn and Jeremy's. Your kids are so cute! I totally agree with the food storage..it has been brought up so much lately.. Justin and I started with the 72 hour kits but I want more. You should email me that list :) thanks! Jess