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Saturday, March 22, 2008



We finally got Boston an Insulin Pump! After paying our high out of pocket money for Boston in 2007, We got him a pump before the year ended so we didn't have to pay a dime! If we would have waited it would have been $1200.00. That's 20%. Thank goodness I am a smart thinker and thought about getting 1 week before New Years Day! Otherwise we would have had to pay! How this pump works is, we don't have to give him shots anymore! He still has to get a finger prick but no more shots! This is just so much easier. All we have to do it type in his blood glucose level and how many carbs he eats and it calculates how much insulin he needs and pumps it right in! Every 3 days we have to change the spot where it hooks to his bottom! (As you can see in the picture) It is so funny cause it looks like he has a pager! I am sure I get a lot of weird looks like. "Why would they give a two year old a pager". At least until they see the long tube that hangs down! It has helped him so much be at a normal level and it make us feel so much better to know that he is in better control!! We actually put his pump in his monkey leash when we go out cause sometimes it's so heavy on his pants they fall down! That's only because I buy him bigger pants! This is the smartest thing we did and I am so glad we did it when we did! He is jsut so cute with it! Next time you see him you will laugh because it is just so crazy to see a 2 year old have a pump


Andrew and Lyndsey Richardson said...

I am so happy for both/all of you. That will make things so much easier, I can imagine. He is such a cute little boy (even if he does sneak out of the house :) ) and I have to say that I admire how well he is handling all this (not to mention you, his parents).

KiMnRoB said...

It's Kim (Skiles).
I came across your blog and just wanted to say hi! Looks like you are doing great and looking FAB for having 2 KIDS?!? You are incredible!
What an amazing mother you turned out to be! They are sure lucky to have someone as patient, playful and caring as you!
Glad to see all is well in your world!

Chelsea Wakley said...

He is so good to have that.. What a darling son you have.. Glad you are back to blogging :)

Lisa and DJ said...

I'm so glad that you found something that will make things easier for all of you. What a tough little guy!

blaine and michelle said...

He is such a trooper. That is so great that it will make life a little smoother for all of you.

Alder Family said...

Morgan, he is such a trooper! Good work on making your insurance cover the pump.

KiMnRoB said...

Sorry I'm just now getting back to you-
Short rundown of the ??'s you asked:
*I have a few friends that know your friends "Heather & Josh". I was checking out her cute blog when I came across yours!
*Got married Aug of 06.
*Yes it HAS been a long time!
*Living in Kaysville- sucks to be so far away from friends and fam.
You seriously look so great Morg! You need to email me sometime so my comments aren't so LONG!