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Sunday, January 27, 2008

~~~BIG BOY~~~

I was just scrolling threw some old pics of Boston and it just made me realize how huge he was!! These are pics of him around 6-8 months. He was a tank! I loved it! It's so funny to look back!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scraobook Party!

When: Feb 22-23
Time: Friday 4pm-Saturday 9pm
Where: Lehi Legacy center
Price: $18.00 I know you can pay for 1 day instead of 2 but I am not sure how much so I will get back to you on that!

This is what it says on the website

Where can a scrapbook fanatic go for relief? Come down to the Legacy Center Friday February 22nd at 4pm and stay until 9pm Saturday February 23rd all for only $18! Experienced and advanced scrapbookers welcome. Bring your photos, scrapbooking supplies and friends! I N C L U D E S: 29 hours of FUN, dinner friday and lunch saturday, use of die-cut machine, use of punches, use of stamps from Stampin' Up, prize give aways & drawings. You can also purchase from our vendors! One day option is available. PLEASE NO CHILDREN

You have to register online at www.lehicity.com just type in Scrapbook in the search box and scroll down and you will find it and click on register!!!

Let me know if anyone is interested it is so much fun!!

Happy 1st Birthday Ashton

So Ashtons Birthday was on the 8th but neighbors computer won't let me post pics. So here I am at my in-laws!!! I can't believe she is already 1. Time flies so fast. She had a blast. She got a ton of clothes from my mom (of course, She always knows what my kids need) My mom also got Boston some presents so he wouldn't feel bad. Ashton got a Kitchen and a ball and mirror toy from Marcs mom. She loves her kitchen a ton. She plays with it everyday! May I add I found it at walmart for 21 bucks!! (After Christmas is the best time to buy toys FYI). She got a cute hat from the Nordbergs and 2 cute outfits from the Goodmans and the Bills. She also got a set of books from the Childs and a car toy from the Mauss's. It was so much fun that everyone was able to make it!! We had pizza and root beer floats! Yummy!!! She wasn't to fond of the cake, So my neighbors little boy, who was 1 on the 21st, Chowed it down!! It was hilarious. I think my kids have enough toys to last them until they move out!!! Thanks to everyone who came it was so much fun!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008


So these past few days Boston has been a little sick. First he was crying in pain and I couldn't figure it out so I ran him to the doctor. (He was grabbing his back like it hurt) Then as soon as I got to the doctor he was fine. The next day he was fine. Then last night came. He had a little fever before he went to bed so I gave him tylonol and it went down and he went to bed. At around 4:30 am this morning Boston woke up and was crying. Marc went into the kitchen to get him some milk in his sippy and I herd him crying so I went to go lay by him. As soon as I got into the room he was shaking. He was having a seizure. I yelled to Marc "Bostons having a seizure." He ran in a grabbed him from me, while I ran and got his tester to test his blood. Then Marc told me to run and get the thermometer. I must have tumbled over his shoes because I slipped and fell and hit my knee so hard that I blacked out. Marc had to pick me up and put me on the couch. (I didn't even know he did that, he thought I was joking around) Then after a few minutes I was kinda back to normal. I was struggling but I got the thermometer and the number to the diabetes doctor and called. The weird thing is is with his diabetes if he were to have a seizure his blood level would have to be low below 80 and he was at 126. So I went to the doctor today and they did some tests on him, so as of right now we are just waiting! He is doing so awesome today. I feel so bad for this little boy. But, it could be worse. Things like this scare us everyday but they are something that we also have to look for everyday. We are so greatful he is our son and that he is such a good kid. I seriously couldn't have asked for a better son. I will update you when I find out. Please keep Boston in your prayers!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So it's been a while since I posted any pics so here is a short review of Christmas time. First, here is my Christmas tree!! I add more and more every year. Soon I will have to buy a bigger tree! I hate taking it down.

Second, This is my Christmas mess. I was soooo busy making gifts for neighbors, Marcs employees, and friends and family. it got so out of hand but it all worked out in the end!! The sleighs where for Marcs employees. They where so fun to make I got them at Roberts and painted and stained 13 of them. THen I just packed a bag full of candy to make it look lie Santas bag and tied a bow they where so cute! For my neighbors I made magnets with little tiny tiles! I should have taken a pic! Sorry about that. Then the glass thing below I made for my family and Marcs family. This one was my favorite! It was Jamies I loved the colors and now I think I will do my room in those as well!!!

Below this is Christmas morning! Santa set up everything so cute!! Wink Wink! All Bostons santa was in snowman wrapping paper and Ashtons was in Christmas tree wrapping paper!! By the look of their faces they loved Christmas! Ashton got a cabbage patch and a graco stoller with a carseat! She has so much fun with them! She is really starting to like dolls alot!! Boston got a bed from us. (All though we haven't really found one we like yet) he also got some fun toys like legos, blocks, books, games etc. He loved them all! Christmas was a blast this year and I can't wait for the next!!

I just liked this picture of Ashton and Aunt Katie it was so cute!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Long TIme No Wirte!

So you are probably wondering why I haven't written in a long time! Well anyways to start off! Our cruise was amazing! We did everything from snorkeling to parasailing! Oh and shopping! The best part of the cruise was that Marcs worked paid for everything! We got massages and our nails done! What a treat! Anyways the reason why we have no pics is because we got our camera stolen out of our bag before we even got to our room! Sucks big time! WE just had to buy those throw away cameras so as soon as I turn those in I can put them on my blog!

Christmas was so much fun! My kids loved it! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MARC ON CHRISTMAS!! Marc turned 27 on chistmas! Time sure does fly!

Santa brought Boston and Ashton a ton of things. I have pics of that on my new digital camera (My mom and sisters all went in on it for an early christmas present) I just have to figure out how to download pics! My kids got spoiled! I hope all of you had an awesome new year and a wonderful christmas! I am hoping to post pics soon for all of you!!!