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Sunday, November 11, 2007

TAGGED AGAIN (look at my tagged below this one as well)

So I have to write 7 things nobody knows about me hmmmmmmmm........

1. I guess you can say I was a miracle baby! When I was a baby I had Spinal Meningitis. The doctors told my mom that I wasn't going to make it threw the night. But, here I am alive and well.

2. Believe it or not but I am a perfectionist. I know most of you are thinking ya right. By neat I mean, when I fold clothes, towels, pants, etc. they all have to be folded the exact same way and my clothes that hang have to be hung the same way. Another way of being a perfectionis is my handwriting. If I scribble on my paper or it looks like I have 2 different handwritings then I start all over, even if I am almost done. Also I have a hard time just picking up my house I have to deep clean it or I just don't want to clean it. Weird I know but that is just the way I am sorry Marc. Everything just has to be perfect or I hate to do it!

3. I am a morning and a night person. The less sleep I get the more awake I am. I just have the hardest time falling asleep and I get bored so I watch TV or get on the internet. (Just so you know it's almost 1:00 am) In the morning, I want to get ready and go do something and I hate to waste my day.

4. I seceretly want to be an undercover cop! I think it would be so much fun to know whats going on at the crime seen. I would also love to go to the Police Academy. I love trying to solve mysteries.

5. I am extremly afraid of the dark. I always have to have the TV on. If Marc is not in the room with me then I have to turn a small light on. I seriously feel like I hear things all night long and if I have the TV on I can't hear it. Most mornings I wake up at 4 and can't get back to sleep because I just listen to noises. So I don't wake up Marc I go into the front room to watch TV these are my steps of how I get to the front room

  • I go turn on the hall light
  • I turn the front room light on
  • I turn off the hall light
  • I turn the small kitchen light on
  • I turn the TV on
  • I get a blanket
  • I have to make sure the TV is on (a picture is showing) before I shut th front room light off
  • Then I turn the front room light off

Marc hates that I do it but I am just to afraid. I guess it must be growing up in my parents house. They have so many dang trees and bushes I was afraid someone was going to pop out and get me. Maybe a boogie man or something. I have no idea. My sister Teylor knows what I am talking about. She used to open our front door, quickly lock it and race up the stairs like someone was chasing her! Let's face it I will never get over it!

6. I want to travel to 3 world countries and help out! I want to make a difference in peoples lives. Just like Ty on extreme home make over. Oprah as well she is always traveling to 3rd world countries and she makes a difference! Marc always tells me that if we were to live in Brazil we would be considered RICH. I can't even imagine how it would be to live like they do. I think of all those people in Ethiopia, Africa and Peru, etc. (all 3rd world countries). How do they do it? We are so blessed to live in a free country. We just need to count our blessings each day. Things that we take advantage of are things that are so exciting to others. In other words we all need to be more thankful for what we have and not think about the things we wished we had! Just an example: Marcs aunt traveled to Ethiopia and brought a video back to show all of us how they live. They were so excited to have a place to wash there clothes, hand wash. Are you kidding me. I can not complain about laundry anymore!

7. Since this is Marcs and my blog I will tell you something about Marc that most people don't know. Before Marc and I were married he had cancer. Thyroid cancer that is. From what I know they had to take out his thyroid. He now takes medicine everyday and if he doesn't take it he gets really tired and onry (I do not know how to spell that? sorry). In other words I can tell when he doesn't take it! I don't really know alot about it but I will find out more and re-type this last one!

People I am tagging

Teylor and Jake

Heidi and Ben

Candice and Bryan

Chelsea and Tyson

Heather and Shark



Tori And Ryan said...

Oh my gosh! I totally know what you mean about being afraid of the dark! I laughed when you wrote your routine on how you turn on 2 lights then go back to turn off the last one- I did that SAME thing when I lived at my parents house. You and Marc should look at http://www.choicehumanitarian.org/ I've been on 2 service projects to 3rd world countries and they were the best experiences ever! That is who we went through and they seriously plan everything for you, you just have to pack and pay :) So, if you are ever really interested, you should take a look at their site :)

Goodman Family said...

How do you and marc work it out to sleep in the same room he is like me and he likes it nice and dark.

The Shirley Family said...

Morgan, you are awesome!! Thanks for sharing those. I am the same way about being afraid of the dark.