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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ok so it's been a while since I posted a blog! Marc just hasn't brought his laptop home so I can do this! I will have to post some pics later of all the events that I have! But I have to tell you about BLACK FRIDAY! Can I just say it is so much fun! I love the crowds and the screaming of all the people when they race down the hall! My sisters Whitney and Teylor and I went to the midnight mall shopping. I also met my sister-in-law Jamie there! Before we got into the mall we waited outside! Then when the doors opened we all raced in to go to Aeropostale and The Childrens Place! We went to The Childrens Place first! That was probably the best choice since Aero always has there same stuff on sale all the time! Me Teylor and Jamie all loaded up on clothes for our kids. We got such awesome deals! We got the 20% off the intire store plus there where some things already 30% off! Plus my sister had a 25% off coupon, plus I have a card there and I get 10% off each purchase!!!!! So we saved big! I probably got about 6 outfits for each kid for $50 bones. I was loving it! After the mall Jamie and I went to Toys-R-Us. We had to wait in line for about 1 hour and 15 min. It was sooooo cold. Thank goodness I brought blankets. Jamie and I wrapped ourselves up tight and layed on the gravel with our purses as the pillows! We were also blowing our hot breath in the blankets to keep warm! I kid you not we were warm and comfortable! When it was time to run in we raced threw the doors and I ran back to the electronics and Jamie went to go get som other stuff! I was the last to grab what was left of the MP3 players that were $10.00 I ended up getting the exact amount I needed! Then I met Jamie at the front of the store to hold everything buy her so I could go get Heidi, Teylor and I the shopping carts that were on sale for $8.00 little did I know that the boxes where tall and wide so I was pushing 5 boxes with my legs and my arms were hugging them! It was hilarious. Oh I also got a walker for Teylor on top of that! After Toys R Us Jamie and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. Their store was 20% off everything but I didn't find anything. Then we went back to the mall to JC Penney to see if there was anything left there that we needed! We were so pooped but it was so much fun! I never really spent anytime with Jamie before! She is so much fun! We seriously were laughing the whole time! This was such a fun shopping trip. I can't wait tell next year to do it all over again!!


Goodman Family said...

I wish I could have been there but oh well I was just sung as a bug sleeping in bed.

Chelsea Wakley said...

That is awesome, and I love what Teylor said on her blog about your mom.. Hilarious.. I am in next year, my mom goes every year with her sisters and next year I am in..

kgoody said...

You guys are hard core shoppers! :)