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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hey for anyone that has little girls, there is a lady in my ward that sales the cutest bows. She can make head bands as well. If you are interested let me know cause I am thinking I will have a bow party if enough people want them!! go to www.bitsnbows.blogspot.com , you will even get to see my picture on there!! These bows are for all ages. Take a quick peek and see what you think! Thanks

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Poor Ashton :( Everytime Boston just screams out loud just for fun it scares Ashton. She just starts crying so hard. Look how cute she is even when she crys. It only takes her a few seconds to realize that his is just playing. Then he does it again and she starts crying again. I try telling her it's ok but he is like the energizer bunny he keeps screaming and screaming and screaming. Remember he is doing it for fun!!


I LOVE MY SISTER ASHTON! Every morning after breakfast I bath the kids. They love playing in the water. Boston thinks it's fun to dump water on Ashton. No so funny to her. So I take her hand and splash him and they have a blast!! He just loves his sister so much he gives her kisses after he does something to her. Thats his way of saying sorry. Sometimes they just look at each other and laugh! I just join in and laugh along with them!


Boston just turned 2 am I ready for this? Oh my his is just the cutest kid ever! He always has so much fun on his birthday. First we did a pinata, Boston loved hitting it but wasn't hitting it hard enough to break so I had to help and he didn't like that much and started to cry until all the candy came out! Then we went and opened presents. He just sat with me while I helped him open them. He got so fun stuff for his birthday. His aunt Tey Tey and Uncle Jake got him a mini hoover vaccum, did I mention it really works? I guess I am out of a job!! His Aunt Whit and Uncle Tony got him a bubble machine. Thank goodness I was about to pass out blowing them myself. His Grandma and Grandpa Walker got him clothes, scooter and my mom made him a quite book. We will see how qutie his is in church on Sunday. His Grandma and Grandpa Cram got him his first potty and a Blow up play land. It's like the McDonalds playland with all the balls the kids can just in but just a mini one! Its shaped like a dog! His friends Bryson, Drayton and Talon who live next door gave him cars with a ramp! He got a lot of great stuff thanks to everyone who brought him such great gifts! After presents we sang Happy Birthday. He is so dang cute. As you can see in the pictures he was so excited that people were singing to him. At the end of singing he screamed really loud cause he was so excited. He it such a good kid and is always happy. I am still wonder to this day how to crazy parents ended up with two very happy kids!! Oh yeah I for got to mention that Marc and I got him his first bike and helmut! His favortite gift........................... Balloons.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Poo Face

Everytime Ashton is about to cry she makes this poo face. Usually her eyes close tightly as well, but I just didn't take the pic fast enough!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Bostons funny moment:
Boston loves to play on our bed and jump around! Well now he has figured out how to creep in between the bed frame and the mattress. Everytime he gets in between he shouts "I'n thtuck" You know baby talk!! ( adult talk "I'm Stuck") It is so funny. He does it our and over and over again!
Ashtons funny moment:
Today I put Ashton in her little booster seat and she kept rocking back and having the time of her life so I let her continue doing it while I was cleaning my room. I came into the kitchen to throw some garbage any and noticed Ashton was asleep and when the garbage I threw away landed into the garbage can she woke right up smiled and continued rocking and again fell alsleep! I decided it was time to put her in her bed!! Ha Ha she is so silly!!


This is Bostons first day of meeting his preschool teacher! But I drove all the way down for the open house and they decided to change the opening dates. I was kind of disappointed because they never even let me know, that was the second time it happened. Now I am trying to find a different preschool for him!! Wish us luck!


Boston gets so excited for Marc to get home! He hears Marcs muffler and runs to the garage door and yells "DA DA, DA DA!" So Marc sneaks up on him. Boston just loves his dad so much!! Infact when Marcs home Boston wants nothing to do with me!


Tey check these out! I get these about once a week!! HA HA just kidding. At least you don't have the bugs that I have! If you look at the picture on the right they are the bugs that have been eating the leaves of my squash. Gross they are all over.