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Saturday, December 1, 2007

And away we go!!!

Tomorrow is the day Marc and I will be going on our 6 day cruise to the caribean! I can't wait! This will be like the honeymoon we never had! When I get back I will post some pics. I know I have been slacking but I promise it will be soon! Hope all of you have a wonderful week and I will see you when we get back! PS The kids are staying home!!

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Ok so it's been a while since I posted a blog! Marc just hasn't brought his laptop home so I can do this! I will have to post some pics later of all the events that I have! But I have to tell you about BLACK FRIDAY! Can I just say it is so much fun! I love the crowds and the screaming of all the people when they race down the hall! My sisters Whitney and Teylor and I went to the midnight mall shopping. I also met my sister-in-law Jamie there! Before we got into the mall we waited outside! Then when the doors opened we all raced in to go to Aeropostale and The Childrens Place! We went to The Childrens Place first! That was probably the best choice since Aero always has there same stuff on sale all the time! Me Teylor and Jamie all loaded up on clothes for our kids. We got such awesome deals! We got the 20% off the intire store plus there where some things already 30% off! Plus my sister had a 25% off coupon, plus I have a card there and I get 10% off each purchase!!!!! So we saved big! I probably got about 6 outfits for each kid for $50 bones. I was loving it! After the mall Jamie and I went to Toys-R-Us. We had to wait in line for about 1 hour and 15 min. It was sooooo cold. Thank goodness I brought blankets. Jamie and I wrapped ourselves up tight and layed on the gravel with our purses as the pillows! We were also blowing our hot breath in the blankets to keep warm! I kid you not we were warm and comfortable! When it was time to run in we raced threw the doors and I ran back to the electronics and Jamie went to go get som other stuff! I was the last to grab what was left of the MP3 players that were $10.00 I ended up getting the exact amount I needed! Then I met Jamie at the front of the store to hold everything buy her so I could go get Heidi, Teylor and I the shopping carts that were on sale for $8.00 little did I know that the boxes where tall and wide so I was pushing 5 boxes with my legs and my arms were hugging them! It was hilarious. Oh I also got a walker for Teylor on top of that! After Toys R Us Jamie and I went to Bed Bath and Beyond. Their store was 20% off everything but I didn't find anything. Then we went back to the mall to JC Penney to see if there was anything left there that we needed! We were so pooped but it was so much fun! I never really spent anytime with Jamie before! She is so much fun! We seriously were laughing the whole time! This was such a fun shopping trip. I can't wait tell next year to do it all over again!!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

OH MY who started these tagging things???

Ok so I can't wait for this tagging business to be over but why not get them all done a day after another!!
*How long have you been together? almost 4 years

*How long did you date? 11 months got engaged on November 14! Marcs grandpa Cram passed away 3 days later. Then we got married 5 months later!

*How old is he?27

*Who eats more? Depends on what we eat!

*Who said I love you first? Marc, I wasn't going to make the first move!

*Who is taller? Everyone is taller then me so Marc

*Who sings better? I like to think I can sing. Marc tells me he use to beable to sing until he had his Thyroid taken out. Sometimes I just never know when he is joking with me!

*Who is smarter? Marcs school smart and I am street smart.

*Who does the laundry? Both of us. I sometimes just let Marc do it when I get overwhelmed.

*Who does the dishes? Both of us! Marc is awesome at helping me around the house!

*Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Depends on what you mean the right side is. When you are facing the bed I am on the right and when you are laying in the bed Marc is on the right. Is this a trick question?

*Who pays the bills? I do

*Who mows the lawn? Mostly Marc but I love to do it to get a nice tan! my dad use to let me do their yard when I was a kid and I loved it!

*Who cooks dinner? I do. Marc did when we lived at the U because I worked while he went to school and he always got home before I did! Then again I told him over the phone how to make the meals step by step

*Who drives when you are together? Marc, but if he is looking at scores on his blackberry or just texting people or talkin gto someone on the phone then I drive I hate just sitting there doing nothing I have to be entertained. Plus he sucks doing 2 things at once, well at least when it comes to driving.

*Who is more stubborn? We both are in different ways.

*Who kissed who first? We both dived in for the kiss

*Who asked who out? We kinda just starting hanging out just us 2

*Who proposed? Marc

*Who is more sensitive? Marc I know I know your thinking yeah right. But, really he is way more sensitive!

*Who has more friends? Marc, Everyone is his bestfriend. Even my dogs sisters cousins brother is his bestfriend even though he doesn't know who it is. But really Marc has the most friends! I have quite a few but we just hangout with Marcs crew more!

*Who has more siblings? Marc has 4 sisters I have 3 sisters

*Who wears the pants in the family? We share pants. We are the same size! lol


Sunday, November 11, 2007

TAGGED AGAIN (look at my tagged below this one as well)

So I have to write 7 things nobody knows about me hmmmmmmmm........

1. I guess you can say I was a miracle baby! When I was a baby I had Spinal Meningitis. The doctors told my mom that I wasn't going to make it threw the night. But, here I am alive and well.

2. Believe it or not but I am a perfectionist. I know most of you are thinking ya right. By neat I mean, when I fold clothes, towels, pants, etc. they all have to be folded the exact same way and my clothes that hang have to be hung the same way. Another way of being a perfectionis is my handwriting. If I scribble on my paper or it looks like I have 2 different handwritings then I start all over, even if I am almost done. Also I have a hard time just picking up my house I have to deep clean it or I just don't want to clean it. Weird I know but that is just the way I am sorry Marc. Everything just has to be perfect or I hate to do it!

3. I am a morning and a night person. The less sleep I get the more awake I am. I just have the hardest time falling asleep and I get bored so I watch TV or get on the internet. (Just so you know it's almost 1:00 am) In the morning, I want to get ready and go do something and I hate to waste my day.

4. I seceretly want to be an undercover cop! I think it would be so much fun to know whats going on at the crime seen. I would also love to go to the Police Academy. I love trying to solve mysteries.

5. I am extremly afraid of the dark. I always have to have the TV on. If Marc is not in the room with me then I have to turn a small light on. I seriously feel like I hear things all night long and if I have the TV on I can't hear it. Most mornings I wake up at 4 and can't get back to sleep because I just listen to noises. So I don't wake up Marc I go into the front room to watch TV these are my steps of how I get to the front room

  • I go turn on the hall light
  • I turn the front room light on
  • I turn off the hall light
  • I turn the small kitchen light on
  • I turn the TV on
  • I get a blanket
  • I have to make sure the TV is on (a picture is showing) before I shut th front room light off
  • Then I turn the front room light off

Marc hates that I do it but I am just to afraid. I guess it must be growing up in my parents house. They have so many dang trees and bushes I was afraid someone was going to pop out and get me. Maybe a boogie man or something. I have no idea. My sister Teylor knows what I am talking about. She used to open our front door, quickly lock it and race up the stairs like someone was chasing her! Let's face it I will never get over it!

6. I want to travel to 3 world countries and help out! I want to make a difference in peoples lives. Just like Ty on extreme home make over. Oprah as well she is always traveling to 3rd world countries and she makes a difference! Marc always tells me that if we were to live in Brazil we would be considered RICH. I can't even imagine how it would be to live like they do. I think of all those people in Ethiopia, Africa and Peru, etc. (all 3rd world countries). How do they do it? We are so blessed to live in a free country. We just need to count our blessings each day. Things that we take advantage of are things that are so exciting to others. In other words we all need to be more thankful for what we have and not think about the things we wished we had! Just an example: Marcs aunt traveled to Ethiopia and brought a video back to show all of us how they live. They were so excited to have a place to wash there clothes, hand wash. Are you kidding me. I can not complain about laundry anymore!

7. Since this is Marcs and my blog I will tell you something about Marc that most people don't know. Before Marc and I were married he had cancer. Thyroid cancer that is. From what I know they had to take out his thyroid. He now takes medicine everyday and if he doesn't take it he gets really tired and onry (I do not know how to spell that? sorry). In other words I can tell when he doesn't take it! I don't really know alot about it but I will find out more and re-type this last one!

People I am tagging

Teylor and Jake

Heidi and Ben

Candice and Bryan

Chelsea and Tyson

Heather and Shark



I have been tagged - so here it is!
(Sorry it took so long Teylor I forgot about it! )

4 Jobs I've Had:

  • Mrs Fields! (with my sister Teylor)

  • Manager at the Credit Union Service Center (again with Teylor my sister)

  • Preventive Pest Control

  • ACS (telemarketing, Yes I was those people that you hung up on!)
4 Movies I can watch over and over

  • Step Up

  • You Got Served

  • Stomp The Yard

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

4 Places I have Lived

  • Eagle Mountain, UT

  • Sugar House, UT

  • Houston, TX

  • Phoenix, AZ

4 guilty pleasures

  • Buying my kids toys that I wish I could play with
  • Shopping on line for good deals
  • Buying things I don't need
  • just going to walmart even though there is never anything new

4 Favorite TV Shows

  • The Hills and Newport Harbor (this counts as one)

  • Real World

  • One Tree Hill

  • Days of our Live (I never thought I would watch a soap. I guess being a stay at home mom things just pop up on your TV and you get hooked)

4 Places I have been on vacation

  • In less then a month we are going on a cruise to the Bahamas does that count?

  • Boston

  • Lake Powell

  • Vegas

I know pretty boring. We aren't big travelers

4 Favorite Foods

  • Chicken Nuggets ( I get these everywhere I go)

  • McDonalds hambergers (When Candice and I go Grocery shopping we always get cheese burgers and a drink so we can refill it on the way out!! ha ha ha

  • Burritos (I think this and the nuggets is all I would ever eat growing up)

  • Taco Bake (This is the best meal ever. I should post the reciepe)
4 Places I would rather be right now

  • On vacation

  • Shopping

  • Sleeping

  • Lake Powell
  • 4 Websites I visit daily

    My blog and others blogs

  • My yahoo email

  • Car dealerships (We are trying to find a car right now so I am car less)

  • my myspace (I know pretty lame but I do have one)
Authors I love
  • Man I hate to break it to you, but I do NOT have the patients to read. My mind wanders to much. I get lost with the first word I read.
4 things I would like to know how to do:

  • Play football
  • break dance
  • sing
  • splits
Things I worry about
  • If I am a good mother to my kids
  • Our Bugdet
  • Boston with his Diabetes
  • Where I will be in 10 years
Happy moments
  • Marrying Marc
  • Having Boston Marc
  • Having Ashton Mykel
  • Buying our home

Things I want to do next year

  • Take my kids on a fun vacation
  • Get more organized
  • Teach new things to Boston and Ashton (Did I tell you Boston knows sign language)
  • Go to a Broncos game with Marc

I am Tagging

  • Heidi
  • Candice
  • Lyndey Richardson
  • Michelle Richardson

Saturday, November 10, 2007

It was a no good very bad day/week

This week was a long week for Boston and Ashton and I. First Boston was sick with the flu and then Ashton got it, then of course I did. All of us were throwing up everything we ate. Finally it started to calm down a bit, So I desided to take a trip to P-town (PROVO). Just to pick up a few things. While I was down there I ran into costco to get milk and diapers. I was in the store maybe 5 min and Boston all of a sudden started screaming. I thought maybe I pinched his finger some how and I kept asking him what was wrong. Then I turned the corner. I was standing in the middle of the main isle and all of a sudden Boston just threw up everywhere. Poor guy! He hadn't been sick all day and was playing around all day long. So I just stood there until someone came to clean it! Of course people stare but what do you do! I had one lady ask if she needed me to go get what ever I needed to get but, I just needed diapers so no worries! As I was standing there I took off all of Bostons clothes because he was soaked in throw up. I stripped him down to his diaper. Anyways, I carried him around the store (you can imagine all the looks I got from people when they saw he was jsut wearing a diaper, especially since they didn't see him throw up) so I could get all my things in a hurry and I thought I just need to buy him an outfit while I am here because it is so cold out side! So I go pick out a pj outfit and then saw a oshkosh warm up outfit. I put on the oshkosh out fit and decided I would rather have that one. So, I went to go check out, little did I know I forgot to put the pj outfit back and it was hanging at the front and it was so long that it touched where throw up was at on the cart, so I had to buy it (I wasn't going to put it back that wouldn't have been honest) Well, the funny thing is is that I went in there to spend maybe $70.00 and ended up spending $145.00. Man what a night. Then last but not least I went to go put gas in Marcs car and I had never done it before on his new car. I didn't know how to open the gas tank all our other cars that we have had you just pull open. I thought with it being a BMW maybe it had some special stupid way to open it (You know how they put things in cars you would never think would go in there) anyways, my phone was dead so I couldn't call marc. I ran home to charge my phone and finally got a hold of him. How stupid am I all I had to do was push it and it would pop open! I am so glad this week is almost over! Now that it is Saturday I can breath again! (I forgot to tell you Marcs been out of town since Thursday. He also went to the Jazz game wednesday night. Now do you feel my pain heee heee hee)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Fun and Funny Moments

I am sure all of you have seen Ace Ventura: Pet Detective? Well anyways it was on TV tonight and Boston and I were watching it! We were at the part where Ace was trying to find Snowflake (the Dolphin) He was at the rich guys house for the party. He was at the part where the shark was in the big tank (and not snowflake) well as soon as the shark popped out that is what Bostons face looked like. His was in AW. It was so funny. He kept looking at me like "What is going on" He is so funny! The other 2 pics are just so fun with both kids side by side! I have no idea why Boston has a pink cup and Ashton has a Blue maybe Marc gave them those! ha ha just kidding. The 4th picture is one of my favorites! My mom baught the kids Halloween PJ's I think every PJ I own is from my mom! I have never baught PJ's before. What a great Grandma they have! The last 2 pics we got while he was playing on his computer. He always looks like he is thinking real hard it's so funny! He likes playing with the Lap-Top cause daddy haas one too!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

SOOOOO little

I just couldn't resist this outfit looked so cute on her on sunday! In her cute little boots!! She is just so tiny! I love it!!!

Bostons favorite toy

So when we go to Grandma and grandpa Crams house Bostons favorite toy to play with are Grandmas Pumpkin decorations! At first he was afraid of these but everytime we walk through the door thats the first thing he goes to! We can't even sneak them away he will notice they are gone!! He is a stinker!

Friday, October 19, 2007

POOR little Boston

It's already enough that he has diabetes and that he had foot surgery in March. Now he might have ear problems. This poor little guy goes threw so much and is such a champ! I just found out today that he failed his hearing test. Which may be the reason he isn't talking as much as he should be at 2. We aren't sure yet. On Wendesday ''Kids On The Move" is coming to my house to evaluate him to see if there is something wrong with his hearing for sure and his speech. Hopefully everything is ok. I just don't know if I ever want to see a medical bill again. HA HA just kidding.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Honestly get cuter!!!!

Seriously he is so photogenic (is that how you spell it) The camera loves him. To update you all on his Diabetes: He is doing so good. We have had a few days where he got really low on his blood glucose, for those of you who doesn't know what that means, He was at 17 when he should be between 100-200 and if he is higher then he needs insulin and if he is lower he needs sugar and if he gets to low he could have a seizure. So basically when he got low (which was 17) those few times we got really scared but we gave him sugar and he was back to normal. When his blood is high he gets out of control. He is such a brave kid. I feel so sad that he has this diease but I am glad it is something we can manage all on our own. This poor kid has be threw so much. Surgery on his foot and Diabetes. He is such a trooper! I love him to pieces. I couldn't have asked for a better kid.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween Pics

So Teylor and I decided to go get our kids pics taken for Halloween! We brought the trick or treat bags my mom made them and totally forgot to put them in! Sorry Mom! I was going to wait until after Halloween! But I could resist! They are so cute. Ashton is an octopus, Boston is a Skunk and Walker is a skeleton! I can't wait for Halloween!! My Tribute to Muranda I wasn't a fan of the skunk until I put it on Boston I couldn't resist!!

ASHTON (Can you say Marcs twin)

These are Ashtons 6 month old pics! She is getting so big. She was so good this day I couldn't believe it. No nap or eating before getting these taken. It was more Boston that I had to deal with! She is so freakin cute. Now she is 9 months but I just thought I'd show you these pics!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Doctor Appointments BIG TO SMALLEST

So I took Boston and Ashton to their doctor appointments on Tuesday! Boston had his 2 year old check up and Ashton her 9 month check up! Boston was so good with the pediatrician! He loves Dallen! Boston weighed 26 pounds he was 36" tall and his head was 18 1/2" his weight was in the 25% and his heighth was 90% and his head was 20%! The craziest thing is when my doctor showed me his weight chart and you could see where the diabetes could have took place. For those of you that don't really see Boston that often, he was a huge baby. So seeing how his weight changed was amazing. For little Ashton she was 13 pounds 15 ounces she was 27" tall and her head was 17" for her weight she wasn't even on the charts cause she is so small. Dallen told me she was below! her heighth was in the 40% and her head was the 45%. It amazes me that she is so small because she eats me out of house and home! Boston was so huge and he never ate!! How does that work? ha ha I just can't believe she is so little at 9 months! Teylors baby Walker just got his 4 month check-up and he weighed 13 pounds 9 ounces now you can tell the differance in age crazy stuff huh! I should take a pic of Walkie talkie and Ashton so you can compare them it's so funny!!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Boston's 1st day of Preschool

Finally after so much trouble with the first preschool we went to we finally found one that is close by and that Boston really enjoys! When I dropped him off he was so excited to go with someone else other than me. He got a huge grin on his face and started chuckling like he was excited! So off he went to preschool! After 2 hours of being gone I went and picked him up and they said he did really well. He made this cute art work at school so I brought it home and hung it on my garage door! (Since my fridge isn't magnetic) I am so glad I started him in preschool right now, I thought maybe he would be to young but we will see in a couple of weeks if things change!

Thursday, September 27, 2007


Hey for anyone that has little girls, there is a lady in my ward that sales the cutest bows. She can make head bands as well. If you are interested let me know cause I am thinking I will have a bow party if enough people want them!! go to www.bitsnbows.blogspot.com , you will even get to see my picture on there!! These bows are for all ages. Take a quick peek and see what you think! Thanks

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Poor Ashton :( Everytime Boston just screams out loud just for fun it scares Ashton. She just starts crying so hard. Look how cute she is even when she crys. It only takes her a few seconds to realize that his is just playing. Then he does it again and she starts crying again. I try telling her it's ok but he is like the energizer bunny he keeps screaming and screaming and screaming. Remember he is doing it for fun!!


I LOVE MY SISTER ASHTON! Every morning after breakfast I bath the kids. They love playing in the water. Boston thinks it's fun to dump water on Ashton. No so funny to her. So I take her hand and splash him and they have a blast!! He just loves his sister so much he gives her kisses after he does something to her. Thats his way of saying sorry. Sometimes they just look at each other and laugh! I just join in and laugh along with them!


Boston just turned 2 am I ready for this? Oh my his is just the cutest kid ever! He always has so much fun on his birthday. First we did a pinata, Boston loved hitting it but wasn't hitting it hard enough to break so I had to help and he didn't like that much and started to cry until all the candy came out! Then we went and opened presents. He just sat with me while I helped him open them. He got so fun stuff for his birthday. His aunt Tey Tey and Uncle Jake got him a mini hoover vaccum, did I mention it really works? I guess I am out of a job!! His Aunt Whit and Uncle Tony got him a bubble machine. Thank goodness I was about to pass out blowing them myself. His Grandma and Grandpa Walker got him clothes, scooter and my mom made him a quite book. We will see how qutie his is in church on Sunday. His Grandma and Grandpa Cram got him his first potty and a Blow up play land. It's like the McDonalds playland with all the balls the kids can just in but just a mini one! Its shaped like a dog! His friends Bryson, Drayton and Talon who live next door gave him cars with a ramp! He got a lot of great stuff thanks to everyone who brought him such great gifts! After presents we sang Happy Birthday. He is so dang cute. As you can see in the pictures he was so excited that people were singing to him. At the end of singing he screamed really loud cause he was so excited. He it such a good kid and is always happy. I am still wonder to this day how to crazy parents ended up with two very happy kids!! Oh yeah I for got to mention that Marc and I got him his first bike and helmut! His favortite gift........................... Balloons.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Poo Face

Everytime Ashton is about to cry she makes this poo face. Usually her eyes close tightly as well, but I just didn't take the pic fast enough!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Bostons funny moment:
Boston loves to play on our bed and jump around! Well now he has figured out how to creep in between the bed frame and the mattress. Everytime he gets in between he shouts "I'n thtuck" You know baby talk!! ( adult talk "I'm Stuck") It is so funny. He does it our and over and over again!
Ashtons funny moment:
Today I put Ashton in her little booster seat and she kept rocking back and having the time of her life so I let her continue doing it while I was cleaning my room. I came into the kitchen to throw some garbage any and noticed Ashton was asleep and when the garbage I threw away landed into the garbage can she woke right up smiled and continued rocking and again fell alsleep! I decided it was time to put her in her bed!! Ha Ha she is so silly!!


This is Bostons first day of meeting his preschool teacher! But I drove all the way down for the open house and they decided to change the opening dates. I was kind of disappointed because they never even let me know, that was the second time it happened. Now I am trying to find a different preschool for him!! Wish us luck!


Boston gets so excited for Marc to get home! He hears Marcs muffler and runs to the garage door and yells "DA DA, DA DA!" So Marc sneaks up on him. Boston just loves his dad so much!! Infact when Marcs home Boston wants nothing to do with me!


Tey check these out! I get these about once a week!! HA HA just kidding. At least you don't have the bugs that I have! If you look at the picture on the right they are the bugs that have been eating the leaves of my squash. Gross they are all over.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Surprise Summer Party!!

I threw Marc a surprise summer birthday party. (since his birthday is on Christmas day) check out his face he had no idea what this surprise was for cause we covered the sign! HA HA HA

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Boston thinks this is so funny! How can you not laugh!


Boston loves to give Ashton kisses! Most the time I have to watch him when he gives her a kiss cause he will smack her in the face right after!


Everytime we put him to bed, we can tell when his isn't laying down because his bedroom light flicks on and off! You little Punk! But isn't he the cutest thing. How can you open the door and get mad with a face like this :)

Little Ashton

Ashton is almost 8 months, can you believe it? Time sure does fly. She weighs only 12 punds right now which is super small. She is starting to learn how to crawl and loves to stand! If I would let him Boston would beat her up, I know she can take it shes a tough girl!

Totally Unexpected

On June 22, 2007 I took Boston into the doctors for the 3rd time that week. He wasn't being himself for over a week. He was tired, fussy, he wouldn't eat. He drank milk all day long. Since my Doctor was gone the Nurse sent me to Alta View to get blood testing done. After driving back home they called me and told me I had to rush him to Primary Childrens because his blood sugar was 760 (normal for his age is 100-200) as you can see he was very high. I rushed him in and in the ER they diagnosed him with Type 1 Diabetes. It's really rare for his age to have this. Each day he has about 6-8 pricks in his finger to test his blood and anywhere from 1-5 insulin shots a day. POOR KID. Luckly for us he is so good about it! I posted some pictures that actully look better than he did the day before, so you can see how sick he was. We are so greatful that it's a disease that we can control and we hope for a cure sometime in the future!