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Monday, September 19, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Boston

6 years old! I can't believe this boy is already 6! He was the best baby I ever had! He was always happy and never cried! He is now still such a good kid! I have my days with him but he is the greatest thing in this family! He never wants anyone to be left out and is friends with everyone (He picks on alot of kids but for some reason all the kids always want to play with Boston) Not a day goes by where I am not thinking about his future and what it can be and what it could be! I pray he lives a long healthy life and that his health will only be better. I found this off a blog and thought I'd share! Most/ALL people don't realize what we go through on a day to day basis and why leaving him with someone is so hard for us unless the completely know how to care for him!

In a world where there seem to be so many new cases of allergies, I am finding that many people I meet indeed do have a child with allergies. Many of these people are passionate about keeping their children safe, and more specifically safe at school. I listen to how class parties shouldn’t have snacks so their kids don’t feel left out, or kids shouldn’t be allowed to celebrate birthday’s with a cupcake but rather a pencil for every kid in the class. But what always stands out to me in these types of conversations is that the parent usually ends each statement with, “because my kid could die.”
We have been living with Type 1 diabetes for over 4 years. I have explained this disease to numerous teachers, classroom aides, Principals, Vice Principals, class mothers, and friends’ mothers. Really, almost too many people to count as I always feel I am on a crusade of educating everyone about Type 1 diabetes. But until very recently I never added the, “because my kid could die,” statement to my conversations. But that is very much the truth.

I don’t want my son’s sugar to plummet while he is sleeping, “because my kid could die.”

I don’t want my son’s sugar to go unchecked and go to high, “because my kid could die.”

I don’t want my son’s sugar to drop so low when he is high up on the jungle gym as he could fall, hit his head, “because my kid could die.”

I am not sure why this statement hadn’t really passed my lips in the four years since diagnosis. Until recently.

Maybe I am taking some lead from the mom’s of kids with allergies, knowing that the world listens a little better when you add in that a mistake may make a child die. Maybe I am tired of living with this disease 24 hours a day 7 days a week and people still aren’t getting how serious this hidden disease really is. Maybe I want people to understand that the reason I wake up at night, sometimes several times a night, over the course of four years is because I do not want my child to die.

Maybe I am just coming to terms with the fact that my child, my heart and soul, my absolute reason for living, could indeed die from this disgusting disease at any given moment.

I make a flippant remark the other day to a friend when we were talking about ‘my’ life. ”You know it’s a good day in our house when everyone wakes up alive.” It came out faster than I could stop it. As my mom used to say, what’s on my lung comes off my tongue, and this was the case. Although what I said was not insulting anyone it did set ME back a few steps.

In my world, yes, there are fights about school and even with the school. Arguments about cleaning up or lack thereof. Dissent when it comes to bed time. But all in all, it’s a good day in our house when everyone wakes up alive.

I know this isn't a normal birthday post but his little birthday party won't be for a few weeks so I will post more then!! I just really wanted to share! I love my son for the person he is and who he will become! As hard as my days get, I wouldn't change it for world! He is very active and loves being on the go! He cant sit still for 10 seconds! He wants to be friends with everyone, even if they don't want to be his friend! he invites everyone he sees to go on a ride in dads truck! He never wants anyone left out!
I have hard days where I think too much about his disease and all I can do is cry and then other days where I am just fine! I always think "I have it hard but someone out there has it harder" It helps me get through the day knowing I have my son at home with me and I can care for him on my own. There are alot of Dr appointments but I would take that over something way worse anyday! This poor guy also suffers from ADHD he can't officially get diagnosed for it but 100% sure he has it. He is slot of work. Most days I struggle I try to focus just on him to help him but with having a baby and another child to care for as well, I have to give them equal attention! he gets left out slot because sometimes he is just too much for some people to handle and most people don't want to have to deal with it but he is happy with the friends he has and they love him to pieces! As much as Boston picks and pokes and annoys them, they love him! We just recently had our good friends move into the ward, I was nervous to have Boston play with them cause I didn't want them to think that he ws just a mean little boy who just causes trouble. I was wrong they love him even when he is a punk! In fact her girls asked to play with him everyday! He loves playing with them too! We are so glad they moved here! Marc and I needed friends to hangout with and Boston is loving every minute of it! I could ramble on and on! I am just so very blessed to have Boston in my life he puts a smile on our faces everyday! love you bud! your getting so big and turning out to be such an amazing son!!! love ya

Friday, September 9, 2011

Beckham 9 month stats!

This hadsome guy turned 9 months on Aug 23! I'm loving this age!! He definantly is my first MAMA's boy and I am kinda liking it!! I haven't had any kids be so attached! He doesn't really cry very often and just wants to play around. He is starting to stand a little bit but not completely! He doesn't like babyfood so trying to find foods he can eat is kind of tricky! He loves climbing up all the stairs and going to play with Boston in his room!! As of right now he is in the 2nd % for weight and 70% for height! Tall and skinny! He sleeps through the night which is super nice! He loves my neighbors! They always come take him away, which gives me a break and is way nice, they play with him, change his diaper, bathe him and feed him!! He is just a happy little guy!! We love you buddy

Ashtons first day of preschool. She was not wanting her picture taken today. She wanted a different outfit and her hair curled it made her a little bit happy!! LOL. Her and my cute little neighbor go to school together at the same time Talon. We tried getting Berkley in too but there wasn't room in their class. She loves going to Mrs. Katies class!! This year she will learn to read! She knows her letters and sounds!! She does really well in school and enjoys going most days! I can't believe she will be in Kindergarten next year!! She is growing too fast. We have her in a tumbling class with her cute little friend Berkley and an acting class as well. Can't wait to see all she learn this year! She is my little Bestie! Always wondering where mom is and worried if I'm ok! We love this little girl to pieces!!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bostons first day of Kindergarten

I can't believe my little 6lb 9oz baby is now in Kindergarten!! He loves it! His first day was a hit!! I am so proud of how far he has come! He started out a normal baby, happy as can be and learning at a normal pace. Things got a little crazy when he was diagnosed with his diabetes. From him being so sick, his body was focusing on healing and taking care of his body rather than helping him learn knew things. It got him behind in learning. Today he is now right where he needs to be and even a little bit further! He amazes me everyday! He is the nicest little guy, sure he kicks and hits and fights, but he never wants anyone left out and asks everyone to come play or go on a ride in Marcs truck! He even asked every kid on our street to come to the splash park with us!!! lol (I couldn't take them all so I said they could come if their parents could come!) This boy is so much fun and I can't wait to see what he can achieve!!

School Started:Tuesday August 30, 2011
Time: 9:15am-12:08
Teacher: Mrs. Brun
Kids his knows in his class or that is in our neighborhood: Alex Gray, Salem Shimikonis, Maggie, and Brian Roark
Barbie helps him with his diabetes!
His twin cousins go to the same school just in a different class!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


It's been a while since I posted since school is starting soon I will jump back on the band wagon!!

Boston gets to meet his Kindergarten Teacher Mrs Brun tomorrow and then starts school in a week
Ashton has an open house for preschool on Thursday and starts school the day after labor day
Marc just got a brand new 2011 Nissian Titan truck from his work that he also got to pick out rims and tires for it,
i've just been shopping getting the kids ready for school
Beckham is standing on his own and shaking his head No, climbs out of his highchair, crawls and chases Boston and is growing so fast!,

Marc and I get to take our first Alone trip this friday to Portland Oregon, I know most of you are thinking "what about all the cruises?" Well most of the time my hubby is of with all his employees so it's not really our alone trip!! So I'm super excited! We get to go to our friends wedding while we are there! I have been to the Houston Temple, Mesa Temple, and one the Portand Temple! It's fun being able to go to different states temples!!

I will post more of my kids first day of school when it comes to that day!! Hope all is well!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Beckham 6 months

Beckhams 6 month pics! I love them they turned out so cute!! Britt does such an amazing job!! I had him get pics with the DishOne and BioGaurd hats, Both of Marcs companies just for kicks!!

I love this little guy to pieces!! He is such a happy baby and never cries!! I've be lucky to have my babies not go through the "Stranger Danger" he will let anyone hold him!! My neighbor kids always come over and take him to their house! It's kind of a nice break for me:)! They love playing with him!! Infact just tonight their oldest son, who is 16, while Marc and I ate dinner, and Beck was done eating, he came and took him out of his carseat, cause he was a little fussy, took him in his room and put him to sleep!! They all love all my kids and play with them non-stop!! We love this little guy and all the cute fun things he does!!

Gradutation Gift

For Gradutation we got our kids new bikes!! They had the 12" ones and they were just getting to big for them! We gave Boston his without training wheels and he learned within seconds how to ride it without them!! That's one amazing thing about him, he learns alot of things later in life but he learns it so fast! He loves his new bike! She loves her bike too! She rides it every now and then! She loves the purse that came on it the best!! LOL she can ride it but will when she wants to!!!